If you go online today, you hear a lot of things about HBOT. While some of the information is correct, nothing is good about others. HBOT is still in its growing stage. This therapy method and technology are growing at a rapid stage, though. The knowledge of HBOT is just starting to spread to the most remote parts of the world.

My point is that there are many misleading information on the subject online. At a point, you don’t know what to believe regarding HBOT. Should I be correct about you, then you are at the right place. This post will teach you what you probably do not know about HBOT.

What is HBOT?

HBOT is an acronym for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This therapy utilizes high pressure within a sealed environment to force the circulation of pure oxygen around the body. This makes it possible for pure blood oxygen to be supplied to body tissues and cells at a faster rate.

HBOT can only be accessed inside an HBOT chamber. Different types of HBOT chambers exist today. And more manufacturers are coming into the fray, making the industry more competitive. As usual, the competition has worked in favor of users, bringing out a drop in prices for HBOT systems.

Is HBOT for Curing Diseases?

This is where most people have got the HBOT thing wrong. HBOT is not in itself a treatment option. Rather, you can think of it as a therapy that supports or can be combined with various treatment options. It more or less helps to facilitate an individual’s treatment or healing process.

It does that by providing body tissues with blood-rich oxygen. What makes HBOT effective is the pure oxygen it provides. Pure oxygen is compressed and sent around the body. When that happens, the body responds more to treatment.

Proven Useful to Pro Athletes

One of the biggest patrons of HBOT is professional athletes. While many people are yet to learn about this effective therapy, pro athletes seem to be already taking advantage of it.

Pro athletes constantly explore ways to help them stay fit and perform better than their competitors. Formerly, professional athletes distinguished themselves on the basis of high-intensity training techniques. How far an athlete can endure such exercises is what will determine the level of their performance on the field.

HBOT has provided a less rigorous way to achieve the same result today. Athletes don’t need to push themselves too much to get optimal results. They can get as many results by simply entering an HBOT chamber.

HBOT chambers have even gone a step further to help sportsmen stay in top shape for longer periods. It means they can be at their best for many years and not burn themselves out in the process.

Anti-Aging Benefits

The talk about HBOT promoting anti-aging in people has brought about lots of debates in many quarters. I like to make you understand that this is not a hype. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy does promote anti-aging.

If it is not so, why are many celebrities like Justin Bieber falling in love with it? It will be incorrect to think that they are adopting it just because they want to be fit. Getting fit can be achieved in many ways.

However, I have every reason to believe that HBOT provides an extra benefit, and that is why celebrities find it useful. It helps them look good even when they are naturally old.

It is also important to state that this has not been sufficiently established. Some people have come out to say it is true, but yet to be independently confirmed by many researchers. So, it’s good you have that at the back of your mind.

A Reliable Non-Invasive Treatment?

Searches online have also shown that people are eager to know if HBOT is a treatment method they can trust. There are several non-invasive treatment methods around the world. And stats show that the number of people adopting HBOT is rising steadily as the days go by.

If people are not getting results, the rate of adoption of HBOT will not be as high. Patients who are afraid of going under the knife prefer to use HBOT these days due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Going with HBOT as a non-invasive treatment is not such a bad idea if you ask most beneficiaries.

What is The Duration for An HBOT Treatment?

It is not enough for people to just adopt any treatment method in the 21st century. Another factor that determines a treatment method is time. There is no generic time when people begin to experience the effects of their HBOT treatments. How fast you start to see results will also depend on what you are using the HBOT for.

However, on average, users start to see improvements in their health after subjecting themselves to HBOT for some weeks. Most statistics indicate improvements in health barely after two weeks.

Is HBOT Not Harmful To The Brain?

HBOT helps to circulate pure oxygen around the body inside a confined environment and increases pressure. At the moment, there is not enough proof indicative that HBOT is bad for the brain.

Users who may have experienced challenges with their brains in hyperbaric oxygen chambers most likely used the system without adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions. That is a distinct possibility.

The effect of 100% pure oxygen on the brain is almost the same as when the brain is furnished with atmospheric oxygen. There is not much difference between both types. But the best and safest route to all of these is to use the system in line with the instructions. Using it otherwise may have negative health consequences.


The way HBOT was two decades ago is not the way it is today. HBOT chambers have advanced by a great measure. Most of the negative publications online about HBOT chambers are unfounded. There is mainly hearsay. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment method that supports a healthy lifestyle. It can help users in several ways, as we have seen in this post.

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