When you are visiting Holland, and you’ll pass by any supermarket, you’ll instantly notice the massive amount of coffee stored on the shelves. Although the Dutch are not specifically known for excellent coffee, you would be surprised at how good the quality of coffee in the Netherlands is. In this blog post, we highlight some of the best and most well-known Dutch coffee brands so that you can make a good choice when you are looking for coffee from the Netherlands. Maybe you want to surprise the Dutch people you know with a familiar cup of coffee, or maybe you are curious about the taste of these brands.

Douwe Egberts 

When we talk about the most famous brand of coffee in the Netherlands, we must give this credit to Douwe Egberts. The brand originated in a small spicery in Friesland and has since grown into the most served and drunk coffee brand in the Netherlands. Which coffee you like best depends on your taste. Douwe Egbert’s coffee is divided into four taste categories. Refined coffee is for people who like food with a mild taste. A light and delicate roast is a good match for people with this flavor profile. If you enjoy food with a rich, full-bodied taste, then you are probably more of a fan of the Aroma Red beans from DE. If you really like very powerful flavors, then you are probably a fan of ‘intense.’ A dark roast blend with an intense taste is a good choice for you. 

Van Nelle

When it comes to Dutch coffee, the Van Nelle brand is a true classic. The company was founded by Johannes van Nelle and started selling coffee in Rotterdam in 1782. The coffee is known for its delicious aroma and rich, full flavor. It fits the taste profile of round and is therefore suitable for people who like rich flavors, between light and intense. This coffee is very suitable for the use of a filter coffee machine, cafietière, aeropress, percolator, or chemex. 

Where to buy Dutch coffee?

When you are abroad, it can be difficult to find Dutch coffee brands in the local shops. Fortunately, there is a solution. The Dutch Expat shop is an online Dutch supermarket that sells all well-known Dutch coffee brands. Ordering at this shop is very easy, and they send your package everywhere in the world. So wherever you are, you can always get coffee from Holland without any problems.

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