Today, building a good marketing strategy depends entirely on the qualities of a professional. However, quality is the result not only of work but also of having the right rest. After all, our brain and thinking system are mechanisms that require recharging. 

Emotional burnout: the way to be a loser 

There is a term in psychology for emotional burnout. Its essence is that a person loses any desire to work in the face of excessive working hours. This is an extremely dangerous diagnosis, especially for a young professional who is on the way to establishing his or her career. This is why it is crucial to fit time for rest into your daily schedule. 

A simple example from the life of a friend of mine who tried to make the maximum amount of money in six months. Working 14 to 16 hours a day, he was very tired, and after a month, he had lost any emotional sense of the world. He stopped having fun and was just motivated by money. However, he started asking me very often why he was doing this. Eventually, I decided he needed help, and we went to Dubai for a week. There I found a great rental company with the best service in the country and approached them to rent a car. In the end, I found a Jeep rental in Dubai and gave him a real break. Thanks to a good hiring company the car was amazing, and we had a very good holiday. 

What is rest for you?

Decide for yourself what rest is for you. For some, it’s a change of activity; for others, it’s a full 20 hours of sleep for an entire week of lack of sleep. Although the Russian scientist Sechenov proved the advantages of the first method over the second back in the 19th century.

He discovered that fatigue could be relieved by switching activities. At this point, the focus of attention shifts not only to the brain but also to muscle groups and nerve centers. The result is that tired muscle fibers recover more quickly, and the brain is relieved more quickly. It is therefore advisable to choose a more active rest for reloading. A passive one may have the opposite effect. 

A break is a decision 

Take a break during the working day, even if you work from home. Researchers from Ohio University conducted a study in 2015. They asked 60 people to take a break for at least half an hour during the workday. The researchers saw – time out, lasting 30 minutes or more, significantly improved brain function. Employees worked more efficiently after the break. Here’s why: During monotonous and repetitive work, the same parts of the brain are active. They tense up, just like the muscles in the body after a good workout. They need time to rest. It’s the same with the brain – it needs to switch gears.

Get a change of scenery. Talk to your colleagues or listen to music. Any such break will give you new energy, and you’ll go back to work refreshed.

Annual leave is a way to breathe life back into yourself 

Don’t neglect your annual leave. If you are employed, you should use every legal break you have, be it two times two weeks, a month, or four times a week per year. 

However, in both large companies and small firms, you can find an attitude that is detrimental to perspective – the pride of not having been on holiday for 1/2/5 of a year already. The employer encourages this damaging attitude regarding the refusal to take a holiday as increased patriotism towards the company and a wish to work overtime. In practice, such a worker suffers from fatigue more quickly. Stress, aggression, and lack of sleep are strung like beads on a spiral. The result is work neurosis. The outlook for both the employee and the employer is not bright.

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