International experience is always essential for building a successful career. You learn how to think out of the box, work according to different professional standards, and improve your skills and languages. Cultural diversity stimulates creativity and readiness to embrace other thoughts, opinions, and traditions. Activity abroad also helps you realize what could be improved in your work habits at home. Some professional spheres have become a rising concern worldwide. So, if you are doing something people from different countries actively take care of, it is your finest hour.

Fitness and health belong to this category since people everywhere start attending gyms. They need coaches who educate and guide them towards the set goals. Fitness instructors help people lose weight, start eating healthier, strengthen their bodies, and even improve their mental state. The tight connection between physical condition and emotional background is undeniable, so many try to go to the gym to pull themselves together.

Specialists from Jooble, one of the leading job search engines worldwide, have prepared some takeaways on how working abroad benefits the fitness instructor’s career. We will also present tips on how to get a job abroad as a fitness instructor.

How to work as a fitness instructor abroad

One of the most obvious ways to start working abroad is finding a vacancy on job boards or via LinkedIn, applying for it, getting through several interview stages, and finally receiving an offer. In a fitness instructor case, you will also need to show your skills and physical condition. If everything goes smoothly, you move to the new place and start working. However, this option entails many risks, such as heavy expenditures on renting a flat in the new country, tons of paperwork (especially if your employer doesn’t want to help you with it), and logistics. In general, starting life from scratch is never easy. To avoid the risks, consider the short-term employment options.

Apply for work at international boot camps and workshops. These options let you experience the country and its people, understand if your professional qualification is enough to teach there, and combine work with travel. You will also expand your network and start with a set of students, not completely from scratch. Another good option is launching online courses. Thanks to ad algorithms, you will be able to target your classes for people from the chosen country. Thus, more potential clients will know about you and work under your supervision. Face-to-face promotion is a powerful tool. Use it in advance to have clients right from the start.

Another great option is to work at hotels or cruise ships. There are many people who want to keep fit while traveling or on business trips. Thus, your services will be much appreciated. As a fitness instructor, you can provide one-on-one training or work with a group of people.

Various fitness retreats are on-trend these days. People want to succeed in striking the delicate balance between hard work and self-care. So, they eagerly escape from the city buzz to explore nature and seek inner peace. Together with a mental coach, you can help them achieve this goal faster because physical exercises are helpful in this case. Ultimately, you can design some retreats according to your vision and skills and help them energize and find inspiration.

Benefits of working as a fitness instructor abroad

The advantages of working abroad as a fitness instructor seem to be obvious. However, let’s highlight some of them. First, you get insights into various cultures. In practical terms, it means you can learn how people perceive and promote health and fitness culture. What do they consider to be a good shape? What is fitness for them? A lifestyle, a hobby, a place where you can be yourself? Understanding these subtleties is priceless when you start promoting your services and choosing the best practices for your clients.

Another noteworthy aspect is developing global connections. With a large network of colleagues and clients, you will easier find the next job and get up the career ladder.

Working abroad is all about growing and exploring brand-new things. If you are ready to expand your professional and personal horizons, don’t hesitate to try the options we described above.

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