Are you scrolling social media posts in your feed trying to find free online courses on writing? We will save your time by collecting everything in one place! This article shares with you not only writing courses with step-by-step guides but techniques that give you no chance of dropping your favorite occupation!

1. NaNoWriMo

If you dream of starting or finishing a novel, this global event is a great chance to make it true! You just need to join this event before November to prepare your fingers to type no less than 1,667 words daily. Even if it is not actually the course itself but a community of worldwide writers, you have an outstanding possibility to dive into writing with many useful tools and daily recommendations. Every participant is eager to finish 50K words by the end of November.

All you need is to register and sign in. This event’s website works year-round, so you can join anytime, completely free. Are you ready to tackle this challenge? Your story is definitely ready! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to let readers see your composition!

2. Free 10-Day Courses at Reedsy

This is a great website for beginner writers who want to dabble in various genres. Choose a topic you’re interested in, and upgrade your skills in marketing, publishing, editing, distribution, and even design for your book. In-depth knowledge in each of these fields is essential for independent writers who want to succeed like authors published by famous companies.

Get a new lesson each morning, dedicate no less than five minutes to understand the material, and finish the topic on time to start a new one next week. Moreover, you can take lessons at your own pace, and begin a new course whenever you want. Reedsy has also paid courses, which are no less profitable than free ones.


This service provides entirely free materials so you can develop your writing to the Moon and back. Those who do the first steps in writing can find this website as a tool to improve their writing without any expenses. For example, with DIY MFA’s Writer Igniter function, you can finish your draft faster by getting reliable prompts for your story.

Sometimes even those authors who have some writing experience need extra prompts to develop their skills. Thereby, DIY MFA’s courses and services help to discover new writing tools. It is essential even for people who study writing professionally. Also, many students like to look for writing samples to make their projects more valuable. It is always advantageous to read more articles on writing as on DIY MFA and other online blogs.

4. Bookfox Club

Even if specific courses at Bookfox Club cost from $49 per program, there are many free email mini-courses. Leave your email address and subscribe for reliable writing guides. Keep calm – this will be one of the most valuable mailings you have as a writer. Use practical advice about writing habits, follow recommendations to write sentences better, and find out how to promote your book correctly with useful marketing advice. Moreover, if you dream of writing, publishing, and selling children’s books, Bookfox club is a must-have in your list of free courses. You won’t be forced to look for research paper guides or other writing advice anymore.

5. Writing What You Know

This free course at the OpenLearn educational platform will take your writing further. Improve your creative writing skills and the ability to write engaging descriptions in your stories. At this course, you will understand how to follow the advice of “write what you know,” how to write “blind” descriptions of famous objects, note observations, and create a basic sensory perceptions list. This course will train young writers to create short texts about a place or a character having personal memory as a primary informational source.

6. Start Writing Fiction

If you want to master your fiction-writing skills, welcome to one of the high-demand free courses at OpenLearn. This course’s program will encourage you to create a breathtaking story not only for your readers but also for yourself as an author.

How many times do you quit writing at the most interesting place of your potential novel? Now answer yourself: how many drafts of these abandoned projects do you have? If the amount scares you, this course helps to uplift your productivity and track your progress. Fight against a weak vocabulary, writing blocks, and learn personal strengths and weaknesses during the writing process.

7. Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop

Writing is not only about prose. This course, lead by Douglas Kearney at Coursera, will immensely expand your vision of poetry. Empower your creativity by telling a story in an unusual method of narration. Possibly, if you haven’t thought about yourself as an author of this genre, consider changing your mind because thinking about a text from the viewpoint of poetry will break new ground for your writing language.

8. Introduction to Narrative Writing

This course can be the next step in developing your writing skills. Your professor, Alberto Chimal, will provide essential instruments every writer should consider at each stage of story creation. This course’s program is kindly represented on the Domestika platform and cost only $12, with a 71% discount. If you decide to look for new storytelling concepts, you will never regret you saved the link for this course from reading our article.

9. Writing Courses at edX

If you want to find career opportunities based on your writing talents, you can find a wide range of proposals in various industries. To level-up your writing for a certain field of study, we recommend enrolling in writing courses at the edX platform. Get a professional certificate from Berkeley for business writing, social justice, and essay writing. You can also get lessons on specific studies writing from such prestigious schools as Michigan, Harvard, and Cambridge.

10. A Feature Length Screenplay

If you have a great idea for a future film, why not write it yourself? Enroll in David Wheeler’s course and get crucial knowledge of screenplay writing. Try out various genres, such as drama, comedy, or documentary writing. Get confidence in your creativity by following lessons from an experienced cinematographer.

Final Thoughts

Sharing these ten tips was an essential step for us to support you as an author. Please, choose all of the best methods each course presents, and find your unique formula for writing success. Don’t leave your dream and continue studying with the best specialists in content creation!

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