Money Heist Season 4 left its fans at an immensely dramatic cliffhanger with much of the story yet to be resolved. Here’s what we know so far about Money Heist Season 5. Will Money Heist season 5 come on Netflix? Since Money Heist season 4 was so dramatic the viewers were tremendously impressed and looking forward to the new season. The last all 4 seasons were super successful, but Money Heist season 4 was one of the best. Read the full article to Know more about Money Heist Season 5.

The previous all seasons all Money Heist had done a very good job. It would be thrilling to watch the new season. Here are some fan theories that we relate to.

Money Heist- What It Has Been About?

Money Heist season 5

At the end of Money Heist season 4, the assault on the Bank of Spain is still not yet complete. If you haven’t watched the Season 4, then we aware you that spoilers are coming up.

So the Professor focussed his attention on the daring rescue of Lisbon (Itziar Ituno) from police clutches. and she finally manages to reach her teammates. The final cliffhanger is over set-up for Money Heist season 5- but will that happen, and when can we expect to see it? Here’s what we know so far.

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date

Although, it has yet not been confirmed when will Money Heist season 5 come? But there are some speculations about season 5. Due to its popularity, it is quite obvious that it will come. Moreover, it was ranked #2 in the UK on April 6 2020. The creator of the series Alex Pina said that discussions are going on its making and release and other stuff. But it’s not yet finalized.

Money Heist Season 5 Cast


In season four, the most important gang member Nairobi died – but that doesn’t mean Alba Flores won’t be part of the next season. In the same way that Berlin, Moscow and Oslo still appeared after they had all seemingly exited the show, there could be more on the horizon for Nairobi. But no confirmation is there yet whether the roles. However, in terms of who should theoretically still be finalized for the upcoming season, there’s Alvaro Morte as the Professor – the boss holding the operations together.  There are assumptions regarding Tokyo(Ursula Corbero), Lisbon(Itziar Ituno), Denver(Jaime Lorente) and others to be reprising their roles.

Money Heist Season 5 Plot: What Will Be it About?

Money Heist season 5There were some suspense kind of scenes that left dangling at the end of season four that future episodes could explore. Lisbon is now inside the bank, but with the professor cornered by Inspector Alicia Sierra, Lisbon and the others have no way to escape. They’ll have to continue melting gold at top speed. Moreover, they hope that Sergio can find a way to outsmart Sierra once and for all. Like every season of Money Heist, season five will catch up with the professor and the gang doing what they do best: armed robbery of the highest degree, with a smattering of political resistance thrown in.

Money Heist Season 4 Recap

In the season finale of Money Heist season 4, the Professor procures an outside team to work out a “David Copperfield” trick with Lisbon. By the aid of entwined security footage, and a poor ill-fated kidnapped body double. Lisbon is broken free and taken by helicopter to the roof of the Bank of Spain. Over there the rest of the team are waiting for her. The police recognize too late that the helicopter arriving at the bank is not theirs. And in meanwhile, Lisbon joyfully reunites with the others. They announce that their war is not over. They will finish it “for Nairobi,” who was killed by the bank’s chief of security, Gandia.

Meanwhile, just as the professor is rejoicing his success with Lisbon’s breakout, someone unforeseen arrives at his hideout: Inspector Alice Sierra (Najwa Nimri), who was fired after her illicit actions enter the place. Sierra is now on her own vendetta against the Professor. Moreover, there’s no telling how far she’ll go now that she’s been unbridled from her former job. 

Wrapping Up

It will be suprising if Money Heist season 5 does not make a comeback on Netflix this year with its last and final season. Its fans all around the world are excited as a lot of questions are yet to be answered. Let us know what you feel in the comment section.

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