You might have heard about Eternal TV which is an excellent IPTV solution for both Android and Kodi. When one wants to enjoy the best streaming experiences there is a lot of IPTV stuff available to choose from. And thus with the thousands of channels at a minimal price, Eternal TV Add-on is an exceptional choice. So in this article, we are going to talk about how to install Eternal TV Add-on for Firestick, Android and as Kodi Addon. The Eternal TV App/Kodi Addon comes as a great place that offers all your favorite TV channels giving tough accompaniment to other TV Add-ons like cCloud, Live NetTV, and Terrarium, etc.

What is Eternal TV Addon?

The eternal TV features all sorts of categories that include Entertainment, Kids shows, Sports events and channels, Movies, UK Sports, NBA NHL, EPL, Music Vid and Live shows (including pay-per-view). The Eternal TV add-on has simple to use interface along with an easy-to-use EPG menu. Its use is user-friendly that allows scrolling through channels and you can choose your preferred option.

The stand-out feature of Eternal TV is that it comes with an electronic program guide (EPG). This feature supports friendly user-interface for viewing the currently playing playlist. Using EPG you can perform fast switching between channels within the application. It hosts online content from all the major networks and also helps you find other interesting content online. The supports over 2000 live channels inclusive of interesting categories.

But unlike other add-ons, the Eternal TV add-on is not available for free. It will cost you only $5 a month for one device, $8 for three and $10 for up to five devices, so that you can install and start using it without experiencing any difficulties. The Eternal TV is also available in different categories for the users like Indian, Arabic, UK Premium movie, EPL games, Regionals, Live events, Sports, Kids, French and more providing best entertainment.

How to Install Eternal TV Add-on?

We will explain How to install Eternal TV on Firestick as well as Kodi. Just follow all the steps carefully.

Method 1- Eternal TV on Kodi

Before installing the Eternal TV on Kodi, It is important to follow the proper guide. Also, remember to install VPN on Kodi to get access to safe content.

Step 1- Open Kodi and select ‘Settings’. Then go to ‘System Settings’ and click on ‘Add-ons’. Change ‘Unknown Sources’ on.

Step 2- Go back to the ‘Main Screen’ and select ‘File Manager’.

Step 3- Select ‘Add Source’ and click on <None> in the window that will pop up.

Step 4- Type the URL on the website as- then click ‘OK’. Type ‘eternal’ on the bottom slot and then select ‘OK.

Step 5- Head back to the main screen and again select on ‘Add-ons’.

Step 6- Then click on the ‘Open box’ icon that you will find at the upper left side of the display.

Step 7- Select ‘Install from zip file’ > ‘Repo’ > ‘’ and wait for a notification confirming the repo is downloaded.

Step 8- Select ‘Install from Repository’ > ‘Misfit mods repository’ > ‘Video add-ons’ > ‘Eternal TV’.


Step 9- Finally click on ‘Install’. Then open the Eternal TV add-on.

Now enjoy unlimited online content on the Eternal TV add-on.

Method 2- Install Eternal TV App on a Firestick

Now before you install and watch channels on the Eternal TV add-on, you need to open a monthly subscription Eternal TV account. So to get Eternal TV for Android Firestick users, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1- Select ‘Settings’. Click on ‘Security tab’ > ‘Developer options’.

Step 2- Select the ‘Unknown sources’ option and go back to the main screen.

Step 3- Install the ‘Downloader Application’ from the app store. Now open the downloader main screen and select the OK button on the remote.

Step 4- Type in in the URL slot then select ‘Go’.

Step 5- The Eternal TV app will start to download on your Android TV.

Step 6- Select ‘Install’ and wait for the application to install. After installing, open the application.

Step 7- Finally log in using your Eternal TV information to access your Eternal TV account.

Method 3- Install Eternal TV App on Android Devices

Those with the Android-powered devices can install the application Downloader so as to get access to Eternal TV Add-on.

Step 1- Open Kodi and press on the ‘Settings’ icon.

Step 2- Select ‘Security tab’ and click on ‘Developer options’. Toggle the option for apps from ‘Unknown sources’.

Step 3- Go to the main screen and install ‘Downloader Application’.

Step 4- Launch the downloader and select the OK on the remote to access the URL slot.

Step 5- Type in the URL as provided then select ‘Go’.

Step 6- The Eternal TV app will start downloading.

Step 7- Select ‘Install’ after finishing. Now open.

Finally, log in to your Eternal TV account and enjoy multiple channels from IPTV.

Wrapping Up!

Well, this was the guide on how to install the Eternal TV Add-on on Kodi, Amazon Firestick and other Android devices. Eternal TV on Kodi will let you stream all the channels offering you full entertainment.

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