Identification of clients by sending SMS has become a common practice today. Different financial institutions, online stores, and social media platforms ask for your phone number to verify your personality. There would not be any problem with trustworthy online resources. However, fraudsters are also hunting for personal phone numbers. A virtual SMS number from HotTelecom will protect you from all types of fraudulent schemes scammers use.

How a Virtual SMS Number Works

A virtual number for receiving SMS works like a transmitter that accumulates messages and redirects them to your personal phone number. This mechanism gives to users a number of advantages:

  • You don’t need to tell unknown people or organizations your private phone number. You will be sure that this number will be protected and used for communication with your friends and business partners. Also, your bank cards will become more secure since other unknown people will not know your permanent number.
  • You can read and send SMS online without any need to use your phone. They will be saved in your virtual SMS number account. Any device with an Internet connection will allow you to process them.
  • You can receive an unlimited number of SMS. The memory storage of mobile phones has a limited capacity. In the case of virtual numbers, it is unlimited.

How to Connect to a Virtual SMS Service

Online telephony from HotTelecom offers different services of virtual phone numbers for personal and corporate customers. Virtual SMS numbers are among the most popular programs of the company. To get your number for virtual SMS:

  1. Register on the HotTelecom website.
  2. Choose the type of virtual number you need.
  3. Select the country, local operator, and phone number for your SMS.
  4. Pay for your tariff plan and upload some additional documents.
  5. Enjoy the convenience of safe SMS messaging.

You will forget all the troubles with security with the virtual SMS service from HotTelecom. Safety brings peace and harmony. Let your business be secure and balanced!

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