Shipping a car from one destination to another is expensive and time-consuming. It can also be much more complicated than it seems at first glance. The stakes are high, so you need to ask the right questions before making any commitments. By asking the right questions, you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination safely, on time, and with all of its parts.

Before rubber meets the road, you’ll need to ask yourself the following 10 questions. That way, you can ensure a speed-bump-free car shipment.

How long have you been in business?

An experienced company has learned how to manage the shipping process successfully. This wealth of past knowledge reduces the risk of errors or problems along the way, so more money is likely to stay in your wallet by the end of your shipping journey.

On the other hand, a company that has only been in business for a year or two might not be able to meet all of your needs or provide the best service. Ensure that the car shipping company in question has been in operation for at least five years (longer is better if you can find it).

What services do you offer?

The best way to ensure that your car ships safely and securely is to find an auto transport provider with a comprehensive list of services. These providers will give you the option of choosing the shipping method that is best suited for your needs.

Enclosed shipping is the safest option, but it is also the most expensive. If you’re on a budget, you might want to choose open-carrier shipping instead. Expedited shipping is an excellent option if you need to get your car to its destination as quickly as possible. Auto transport companies like Guardian Auto Transport can discuss options with you and help you make the best decision for your needs.

What kind of vehicles do you ship?

You should be able to move any car, truck, smart car, or van with an auto transport company, but not every company is willing to work with high-end luxury vehicles like Porsches and Bentleys.

Ensure that the company you choose is willing to work with whatever type of car you have. You don’t want to spend money on an expensive shipment only to find out that the company won’t work with your vehicle type because it’s too big, too small, too old, too new, or the wrong shape.

How long does the shipping process take?

The average auto transport process takes anywhere from two to five days, but it will vary depending on where you are starting and ending your journey, as well as how far away you are.

Ask the company how long it will be before your vehicle arrives at its destination and which days of the week it will be transported. If you’re planning a flight or drive and need to leave before your car arrives, make sure that you use a car shipping service that offers expedited delivery so that you can still meet up with your ride along the way.

What payment methods do you accept?

Some car shipping companies will invoice their customers, some require a deposit before the vehicle is picked up, and others take credit cards or cash immediately. It’s essential to understand how the company you choose operates so that you don’t have any unexpected expenses later on.

A reputable company should be upfront about its billing process and offer various payment options.

What type of insurance do you offer?

Most auto transport companies take out basic liability insurance that covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle. Still, it’s always a good idea to double-check before booking a shipment with any car shipping company.

Make sure that the liability insurance that the company provides is enough to cover your vehicle. If you’re worried about theft or damage to your car, look for a company with additional protection options available to its customers.

How will my car be transported?

The best way to transport a vehicle is in an enclosed carrier, but this service has the highest price tag. Open-carrier or open-air shipping is cheaper and protects your vehicle from weather elements like rain and snow.

Still, it exposes your automobile to the risk of damage from other cars. Enclosed car shipping services are the safest option, but they are also the most expensive. Guard your vehicle against all types of damage by choosing a company that offers both open-air and enclosed shipping options to its customers.

Will my shipment be monitored?

Shifts in temperature can cause unseen damage to vehicles during transport, so it’s essential to ensure that your shipment is monitored during the journey. Some companies monitor their shipments with satellite technology or video cameras; others use trained drivers to check on your vehicle regularly.

What is your damage policy?

If your car sustains minor damages during transport, will the company pay for repairs or offer a credit to your account? Conversely, if your vehicle sustains significant damage during shipment, will the company cover repair costs or reimburse you for any money you have already spent fixing it?

While some companies are willing to work with customers to resolve claims case-by-case, others will only offer one solution: total loss compensation.

How can I contact you?

Before booking your shipment, make sure that you have the phone number of the auto shipping company so that you can easily find out more information or ask follow-up questions. Some companies will only offer email support, while others prefer to handle customer service issues over the phone.


Asking the right questions before you book a car shipping company can help you to avoid unpleasant surprises and unexpected costs. Make sure that you choose a vehicle shipping company that has flexible policies, reliable customer service, and every option necessary to keep your vehicle in perfect condition throughout the entire journey. Doing so will ensure that your car gets from Point A to Point B in the same condition as when it started.

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