Are you moving to a new house? Or do you have to move a few of your larger furniture items from one place to another? Have you considered the prices of getting a moving company to do this?

Fortunately with the many trailer hire companies in Melbourne, it’s very easy to get the right trailer for almost any job.

Do The Moving Yourself—Get a Trailer!

Whether you need to move furniture, a motorcycle or some of your household items, all of it can be done with the right trailer. The advantage of going to the right trailer rental company will ensure you get a practical solution, relevant to the load you need to move. Here are few things you can do with the right trailer.

Moving House?

Moving from one house to another can be very stressful and costly. One of the largest cost factors can be the moving truck. This is worse when you’re moving across states or if the load is huge. If you want to save money on moving costs, you can make use of a furniture trailer. This type of trailer is ideal for transporting household goods, appliances and small boxed items.

These types of trailers are available in single or double axle varieties. They’re closed on all sides ensuring the safety of your items and you don’t have to worry about the weather. Bonus: a furniture trailer can easily be towed with a passenger vehicle.

Want to Transport Your Additional Vehicles?

Often people who take classic cars and motorbikes to car shows prefer to do so by using motorcycle or car trailers. You can use these trailers to move these vehicles from one place to another.

Motorbike trailers feature ramps and several anchor points. This means your motorcycle can be fastened and secured to the anchor points. Some of these trailers can accommodate up to three motorcycles.

Car trailers with double axles and can transport vehicles with a gross weight of 1500kg. The inclusion of two removable ramps and a three geared hand winch make the loading and off-loading process quick and easy.

Moving Odds and Ends?

If you need to transport tall cupboards, construction materials or garden supplies, a cage trailer is ideal. Thanks to side barriers it’s easy to secure the item to the trailer. Additionally, the top is open which is handy for loading tall items.

Cage trailers can usually be towed behind a passenger car and are also available in different sizes and lengths, so simply measure the space you’ll need before you rent.

Moving Heavy Machinery is Also Possible

Not all plant machinery can be driven to and from a worksite. If you’re planning on renting an excavator or small scissor lift, you’ll need to move the machine around town as these cannot be driven to the worksite. The easiest way to do that is with a plant trailer. This type of double axle trailer has a maximum capacity of 1500kg, adding extra support.

What Does the Law Say About Trailers and Cars?

When it comes to towing a trailer, there are a couple of regulations that need to be followed. Some of the rules regarding the car and the trailer include:

  • Towing vehicle: The towing car must comply with the specific manufacturer’s maximum weight regulations.
  • Registration: Both the towing vehicle and trailer must be fully licensed and registered, with the driver having the documents on hand.
  • Required couplings: The tow bars and couplings you use must be the right size, type and capacity, suitable to both vehicles.
  • Safety chains: Trailers less than 2500kg when loaded must have at least one safety chain fitted. Should the amount exceed 2500kg, two safety chains are necessary.
  • Loading height: A trailer load should not be higher than 150mm above the trailer. Rent the correct size trailer to avoid load hanging over the back of the trailer.

Common Road Regulations to Follow When Towing

To ensure the safety of the occupants in the car being towed as well as the other people on the road, there are several road regulations you should keep in mind:

  • Ensure that all lights and brakes work before each trip.
  • Only one trailer may be towed at a single time.
  • People may not ride in the back of a trailer.
  • Always ensure you don’t exceed the speed limit.
  • P1 car licence holders can tow a maximum weight of 250kg.
  • When driving, the driver must allow for sufficient braking distances and over taking.
  • Use lower gear when driving downhill to reduce strain on the brakes and the trailer.
  • Ensure that all lights and brakes work before each trip.
  • Slow down before corners and curves.
  • If you’re travelling long distance, it’s necessary to take short breaks every couple of hours.
  • Avoid sudden lane changes. Indicate lane changes in advance.
  • When reversing, ask someone to assist with directions to avoid accidents.


No matter what you need moved, there’s a trailer available to do it. As long as the towing vehicle meets the minimum requirements, you’ll be good to go. Avoid expensive moving truck costs by renting from the best trailer hire Melbourne has available. DIY plans are often the best, especially for your pocket!

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