Portable showers are just that—movable showers that can be easily moved and installed almost anywhere. Of course, they are mostly erected in areas where bathrooms aren’t present. Gyms, camping sites and construction sites are some of the places where you can place portable showers. This shower provides you with a detachable enclosure with components like water coming from a tap, sink faucet or handheld shower.

Are you considering portable shower hire? Today we’re going to touch on why these portable showers are increasingly becoming popular and why they are worth considering. Also, we’ll explain the factors that you need to consider before hiring one.

Benefits of Portable Showers


One of the biggest advantages of portable showers is their convenience. People don’t have to walk a long distance to access the shower. Workers or gym enthusiasts can quickly take a shower before heading back home.

Easy to Install

Most portable showers require minimal assembly. Just ensure that you hire a capable contractor for the task. Depending on the design, they come pre-assembled and generally don’t require complex drainage systems to function. The waste water is drained through a pipe similar to a hose pipe and pumped into a nearby drain.


Infection rates of communicable diseases are rampant at public gatherings. Portable showers can help people feel clean regardless of where they are. If you place a portable shower at an outdoor event, people can decide to use them as and when they want to.

It also helps that most of them produce both hot and cold water, so you’re guaranteed that your guests will feel comfortable and at home.

Consider hiring portable showers the next time you want to add prestige to your event. Who knows? Knowing that there’ll be portable showers at your event could potentially boost your ticket sales!


Concerned about hygiene? Portable showers are generally clean. You just need to hire your showers from reputable portable shower hire companies. Here you’re guaranteed showers that are designed to comply with the necessary safety and health standards. Most registered companies even have the paperwork to prove it. By hiring portable showers as a company, you’re sending a strong message regarding your commitment to peoples’ health.


Portable showers are also considered safe. That’s why you’ll find certain portable showers are even designed for safe to use for the elderly or people living with disabilities.

What to Consider Before Deciding to Hire

Now that you know the advantages of hiring portable showers, we’ll outline the factors you must keep your eyes peeled for before making your decision.

Material Used in Construction

What are the materials used in the construction of the portable shower? We’d advise you to opt for a solid construction, purely for your safety. The materials used in the shower’s construction also determine its portability. How portable do you want the shower to be?

Will the shower be packed up after every use or in between uses? Does it need short term installation or is it designed to stay in one place for a long time? Portable showers made of materials like plastic are easy to install and pack way quick. Portable showers that feature a sturdier construction aren’t as easy to detach and are better suited to stay in place for a long time. So, determine how you’ll use your showers and pick accordingly.

Who Is it For?

Consider who the portable showers are for? Is it for younger or elderly people? Will the shower be used by the elderly together with their carers? You’ll need a shower made of strong quality material that can safely accommodate intense foot traffic from both parties. Are people with wheelchairs able to access the shower? Then pick one that allows for and can cope with being wheeled over.

Quality of Pump

Your portable shower is only as effective as the quality of pump it has. You need to ensure that the shower comes with a high quality pump that doesn’t clog up easily. Also, make sure that the pump is low maintenance and easy to repair or replace when necessary.

Quality of Hose

Along with a quality pump, make sure that the shower features a quality hose that doesn’t leak or detach during shower use. Where possible, insist that your contractor attaches a device or clamp to the hose to provide it with the weighting needed to prevent lifting.

Final Words

When it comes to portable shower hire Melbourne residents have multiple companies to pick from. Make sure that you hire from reputable companies that offer quality products and service. If they can offer installation where necessary, that’ll be an added plus. Compare prices of a number of companies but don’t necessarily settle for the cheapest showers because you do need quality!

The convenience portable showers offer is unmatched. Their versatility allows you to mount them almost anywhere and above all they are eco-friendly.

When will you be hiring yours?

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