Did you know you can use different products to sell your brand? We’re not talking dull, boring products either! These are products which people will find stylish, fun and useful while being reminded of your brand every time. We call this smart marketing.

Marketing companies around the world are always coming up with new ideas to help you get your business name out there. It’s all about promoting your brand. Are you looking for some of the nifty promotional products Sydney businesses are using to sell their brand?

Pick from one of these five nifty promotional products to sell your brand. You won’t be sorry you did when the business starts rolling in!

Marketing with Promotional Merchandise

Think of some of the well-known brands and what’s the first product to come to mind? Let’s talk about McDonald’s. Every child (and parent) goes crazy for the toys handed out with every Happy Meal. This is a promotional product being used by McDonald’s to make sure their customers don’t forget them quickly.

Want the same for your brand? Here are some promotional merchandise ideas you can use to remind your customers about you and your business.

1. Snazzy Drink Bottles

One product every person will use on a regular basis is a drink bottle. How often do you see a jogger carrying one or one sitting on people’s office desks? Children love them and take them to school to show off how grown up they are. And when your logo is clearly displayed on the drink bottle, you can be sure the user will notice it every time.

Sub-consciously or consciously (isn’t that how advertising works?), the person drinking from a branded bottle will be reminded of your business.

2. Elegant Pens and Notebooks

Pens and notebooks have been used for years as products for promoting a business. What’s even more powerful is personalising these products using your customer’s name together with your logo. It’s an affordable and smart way to thank a loyal customer and keep your brand on their minds.

Pens and notebooks are still being used every day despite the advancement in technology. Make sure you use elegant pens and notebooks. If you’re tempted to go cheap, it’ll leave a cheap impression of your business. It doesn’t cost that much more to use a better-quality product.

3. The Smart USB

Can you name one person who uses a computer and doesn’t use an USB? We didn’t think so! This nifty and smart product is one every person appreciates. Handing out a branded USB to your customers and potential clientele is a sure-fire way of getting their attention. And, when your name does slip their mind, they’ll be reminded quickly enough when they see their USB with your name on it.

Get creative with USBs. Speak to promotional companies and ask them to give you the smartest and funkiest looking USB to go with your company brand.

4. Umbrellas Come Rain or Sunshine

How often have you stepped out your home or office only to find it’s raining and you don’t have an umbrella? Or, you have to walk home wishing you had an umbrella to shade you from the heat? Umbrellas are often the last item people will include on their shopping list. So, imagine how ecstatic they’ll be when you hand them your branded umbrella?

An umbrella could be a nifty promotional product and one you wouldn’t normally think of branding. Get clever and pick colours with the logo that represent your business. Every time someone sees a colour and a logo, they’ll immediately associate it with your company.

5. Power Promoting with Power Banks

If you’re in the camping business, what nicer way to promote your business than handing our branded power banks? These incredible products can power up mobiles, lights, MP3 players and more. Your camper customer will thank you when they’re out in the wild with no electricity nearby.

But power banks are also useful for those days when your mobile runs flat and you’re out of the office or home. Simply plug it in and soon your mobile will be ready to use again. With so many benefits of a power bank, you can’t go wrong using this product as a promotional item. You’ll show that you care about your customers’ comfort and wellbeing.

Some Tips for Using Promotional Merchandise

Before spending any money on promotional merchandise consider the following tips:

  • Quality: High-quality products are more likely to be treasured by people than cheap products. If you want your customer to hold onto your branded product, make sure it’s of good quality.
  • Usefulness: Does the item you want to use to promote your company serve any purpose to anyone? You don’t want your branded product to end up in the bin because it’s useless.
  • Awesomeness: How awesome is your promotional merchandise? Bring in some fun and create some buzz around your gifts. Get clever with colours, style, and shapes.


Marketing companies around the world are coming up with new and innovative ways of promoting your brand. Whether it’s the promotional merchandise Sydney or Cape Town advertisers are selling, just make sure it’s the right product for your business message.

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