An Alfresco is a great addition to a home. It forms a smooth transition between the indoors and outdoors while creating a functional space for everyone in the house. Furthermore, alfresco living is a growing trend in Australia, and many homeowners are reaping the benefits of making the renovation. Unfortunately, not everyone is exploring the full potential of Alfresco builds. 

You can make a few tweaks to your Alfresco to turn it into a unique entertainment space. Here are the top 3 alfresco entertaining trends.


There is a lot that lighting can do to a space, especially an alfresco. Since most alfresco come to life in the evening, good lighting sets the scene for good entertainment. Standard lighting includes a key light to illuminate the space and some accent lighting to add some visual appeal. 

Key lights are usually installed on the ceiling for wider reach. However, there are creative ways to place the bulbs. Functional lighting illuminates areas within the alfresco that get high traffic or serve a particular function. The ideal installation uses soft lights with warm colors.

Accent lights, on the other hand, enhance the overall theme of the space, set the mood, and improve aesthetics. They include wall lights and deck lighting. You can use different colors for the lights and play around with the brightness. Furthermore, you can install intelligent bulbs that can operate remotely. 

Another great lighting fixture is the fairy lights. They look good and set the mood for an evening of entertainment. Moreover, fairy lights have a unique appeal. 


Outdoor heating sets the mood for an evening of entertainment in the alfresco. However, many people fear the costs, and those with money don’t know their options. Fortunately, heating your Alfresco is inexpensive, and the options are many.

An alfresco is a great place to set up a fireplace. It not only looks good but also warms up the space. Furthermore, a fireplace creates a unique experience, especially when coupled with the outdoor feel of an Alfresco. 

Options for fireplaces include a wood-burning stove, a gas fireplace, and an electric heater. The wood-burning stove is a classic choice and creates the mood of a campfire. On the other hand, the gas fireplace does the job right without any emissions. Finally, the electric heater can heat a large space, and it’s easy to operate. Although each design has pros and cons, they are great for an Alfresco. 

Underfloor heating is also a great option for your Alfresco. The approach of heating a space from the floor upwards yields the best results. The Alfresco becomes cozy within a short period. 


An Alfresco is a great place to share a meal; however, you must set up the place. A simple dining table with dining seats is a great place to start. Furthermore, good lighting, like chandeliers and wall lights, sets the mood for a unique dinner dining experience. Cabinets are also great for housing simple dining utensils and reducing trips to the kitchen. 

Aside from dining, an alfresco is also a great venue for evening cocktails. Therefore, an outdoor bar is great if you have the space. The setup only needs a bar counter, bar stools, and a small fridge for the drinks. It doesn’t take up space and compliments the dining arrangement.

Alfresco dining is a unique experience that makes evening dining and weekend breakfasts taste different. You may find yourself having more meals in the alfresco than in the main dining area. 

There are many creative ways to design and renovate your Alfresco; you only need to explore the options and don’t settle for mediocre designs.

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