The hotel vs serviced apartment debate is a fairly recent one, and it would be unfair to state that hotels do not have any advantage over serviced apartments at all. However, those advantages are only applicable and beneficial to parties that the serviced apartment business simply doesn’t cater to.

On the other hand, for the type of travelers that serviced apartment providers consider to be ideal customers, these apartments are unmatched in what they bring to them. To make more sense of the uniqueness we are discussing here, consider the following four exclusive features which only serviced apartments can offer.

More Space and Privacy

Are there bigger hotel rooms than the average serviced apartment? Most Certainly. Are serviced apartments on average bigger than hotel rooms in the same class? Absolutely.

Not only are serviced apartments bigger on average in comparison to most hotel rooms in the same class, but the space they have is also more private and useful too. After all, it’s a complete apartment that we are discussing here and not just a “room.” If you are someone who often needs to get a lot of work done while traveling, privacy is highly productive.


Remember how we mentioned serviced apartments use the extra space with more variety? Well, the presence of a fully stocked kitchen is the best example of that.

Whether you like cooking your own food, or you would prefer to have someone come in and cook the food for you in accordance with your specific instructions, all properly serviced apartments will give you those options.

Concierge Services

So what exactly is the job of a concierge in a serviced apartment setting? They are the ones who will help you in any way you may possibly need them to make your staying experience better.

Everything from arranging travel logistics to finding the best possible locations to enjoy your visit, your concierge will take care of it all. Consider their services to be similar to that of local guides, but services and guidance offered by a concierge do not just end with the trip. They are ready to help in any way that they can for as long as you are staying in the serviced apartment.

Special Rates for Longer Stays

Hotels generally have strict policies on how long a guest can occupy a room, and even if someone is allowed a temporary extension, the rent will not be lowered for the unplanned extended period.

On the other hand, serviced apartments generally don’t come with an upper limit on the maximum time that a guest can rent them for. More importantly, even premium serviced apartment providers such as Dream Apartments will offer special rates to long term tenants, making them ideal options for relocating families and traveling businessmen alike.

If you found these features to be relevant to your own needs, then you probably already know why hotels are losing this debate for the most part. Serviced apartments provide just a more curated, better-staying experience overall, and approaches the whole idea of accommodation in a different light than traditional hotels.

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