Effective eLearning starts with getting the basics right. And, this means investing in the best tools for your business. A good learning management system or LMS as it is commonly referred to tops the priority and is followed by a top-class authoring tool for your xAPI course content. This makes online learning much more efficient and easy.

xAPI was touted as the future of eLearning back in 2013, being referred to as Tin Can. And, from quite recently, it has had a significant presence in almost all eLearning trends list and you must be wondering why! Well, the advantages offered by xAPI are notable and we suggest you invest in it today. Well of course, after you’re convinced enough! So, we’ve highlighted some of the key benefits extended by xAPI below for your reference. This will not only tell you how investing in the best xAPI authoring tools will give you an edge over your competitors but also help you make an informed decision. Read on to know!

An efficiently stable standard

Whoever thought about the inception of xAPI after SCORM? The latter turns 20 and until now it was all the eLearning industry had. SCORM 2004 in particular, proved to be very buggy for both eLearning vendors and customers. And, it was so difficult to perform any activities so much so that the vendors ignored it and simply stuck with SCORM 1.2. However, xAPI, the newest technology is extremely reliable and glitch-free.

With the technology being less error-prone, you spend less time troubleshooting and more time focusing on learning goals and outcomes. This upgrade from SCORM to xAPI is not noticeable visually by learners but surely improves things at the backend.

Track employee eLearning activities and build a better course

If you wish to ascertain which activities work best and which need to be discarded from your eLearning program then, there’s nothing better than integrating xAPI into your eLearning framework. It helps track the desired statistics like pages viewed, total time spent, multiple test scores, detailed test results, to name a few. You can even obtain detailed information by further drilling down the data.

Moreover, xAPI also tracks learners’ individual answers to assessment questions, results from every question attempt as well as the text learners feed to an open input question in any form of eLearning, be it interactive learning, offline learning, blended learning, social learning, mobile apps or team-based learning activities, as mentioned before. And, all of this helps build a clear picture of the learning happening in the organization, and deduce whether it is positively impacting the organization’s business. As a result, it helps to create better eLearning courses.

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All modern eLearning tools and approaches supported

Today, eLearning is not just restricted to learning online via desktop. It has come a long way and users prefer to consume information even on the go thereby increasing the significance of mobile learning. And, what’s better than being able to track learning statistics and details when users are accessing the eLearning content via portable devices like mobiles, tablets, and laptops! Well, xAPI boasts of this feature and tracking can happen both offline and online. Additionally, data from old learning systems can be transferred to xAPI easily which is yet another great feature of it.

Helps improve learning analytics

All of the user data acquired is further published in an LRS, i.e. Learning record store, the support system of xAPI. Precisely, LRS is like a database that maintains a record of user statements and has the ability to share them with other LRSs or LMS. It can either be a standalone asset or can be built seamlessly in an LMS.

An LMS with a built-in LRS offers support to xAPI online training content and performs functions of an LMS to manage training delivery. On the other hand, a standalone LRS allows you to track all experience API learning activities and recording. However, it cannot perform the basic functions of an LMS, i.e. scheduling and training sessions, managing notifications, providing certifications to users upon successful course completion, and others alike.

Mostly, LRSs boast of standardized graphing of learner activity. They also have a dashboard, facilitate easy creation of leaderboards, as well as generation of learning paths. How learners fare in assessments or through self-reporting form the basis of it. Having all this information on the performance and learning experiences of users helps you to evaluate which learning modules are the most effective along with the ones which attract maximum engagement. With this, you can update your online courses accordingly which helps improve the quality of it as well as has an impact on business goals and objectives.

Allows future-proofing of business

The future of the eLearning industry is far from predicted. There is not one industry expert who predicted that SCORM will dominate even 20 years after its introduction. While for most businesses, SCORM is still the most popular learning standard today, there are others as well that opt for xAPI keeping in mind the changing trends. In fact, businesses should look at xAPI as an opportunity to future proof their training infrastructure. That being said, adopting modern standards is the best way to avoid depending on technology which is depreciating with every passing day.

Besides, it is foreseen that activities which interface with the xAPI ecosystem will become more prominent in the near future. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and simulations are significantly gaining traction and becoming less expensive already. Hence, it is a good idea to make sure that they’re not siloed away from your current online training.

We hope the aforementioned points are compelling enough for you to invest in smoother employee training and development. And, that is only possible if you take the plunge and make an investment in xAPI authoring tools. So, stop waiting and integrate xAPI in your eLearning framework today! Also, do let us know how xAPI was able to sweep you in the comments section below.

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