It’s very easy to lose track of what you are spending if you do not keep control of your cash. This is a problem if you end up not having enough money to pay your bills.

The good news is that it’s not that difficult to control your finances. Here are five easy things that you can do to make this happen.

Check out online leisure deals

You should not think that leisure expenses are forbidden if you want to control your spending. Everyone needs some downtime. The best thing to do is set a realistic budget for your leisure spending and check for any deals that you can get to make online activities less expensive.

For instance, a gaming enthusiast in Finland might search for “ilmaiskierroksia ilman talletusta“. That is free spins without deposit in the Finish language. This type of promotion gives them the opportunity to play online without spending any money. If gaming is your thing, you may want to check out deals like this.

Alternatively, if you are a movie fan, streaming services like Netflix offer a month for free, for new users. This can be a great way of saving some cash.

Listen to the experts

It’s not always easy to listen to advice when it comes to your finances. However, taking a look at online finance blogs can be very useful. You can get some great ideas about how to save and invest without having to cut back on all the fun activities that you enjoy.

Three excellent finance blogs to look out for are:

  • Money Under 30 which targets younger people but gives great advice that anyone can use.
  • Debt Roundup which provides some useful tips about how to get out of debt and invest money wisely.
  • My Money Blog is one of the oldest and most respected money advice blogs around. The blog may have been around for a while but the advice is right up to date.

The more reading you do, the better. It helps you to search out the advice that is right for you.

Know how much money you have

This may sound obvious, but a lot of people do not know exactly how much money they have coming in each month.

If you have not taken time to calculate your household income you should do so. This calculation is the foundation for keeping control of your cash. It should include everything, from salary to interest from savings.

Set goals along the way

If you are serious about controlling your finances and starting to save, you need to create some savings goals. This is easy to do and you can start small so that you do not get overwhelmed.

Obviously, saving money has serious implications, such as providing for when you retire. However, you should try to include a fun element in shorter-term goals. For instance, you may want to set a goal to save enough money to have the dream vacation that you have always wanted.

Do not give in to peer pressure

Peer pressure is not something that just affects kids. It carries on right through life and giving in to it can prove costly. For instance, nights out with friends can start to be a nightmare if you spend so much that you cannot afford to pay your bills. With this in mind, there are some things that you can do to make nights out less of a worry.

  • Have a friend who is in a similar situation so that you can support each other in not overspending.
  • Do not agree to join in with an activity that is too expensive for you, no matter how much pressure you are under.
  • Have an exit plan for an evening. If you want to make sure that you leave before you spend too much, have a family member call you at a certain time so that you can say you are needed at home.

Always remember that it’s very important that you learn to say “no” if something is too expensive, instead of getting carried away with the crowd.

These are all simple tips that you can easily put into practice. You can use one on its own, or all of them, to help you keep control of your cash.

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