Body’s core temperature fluctuation is normal which depends on inner and outer surroundings but can be maintained in a couple of natural ways.

The body’s temperature is not constant; it changes quite frequently. It fluctuates depending upon various circumstances such as outer environment and surroundings, physical activity, and many more. The core body temperature reveals a lot about an individual’s health.  The human body reacts differently to different external and internal changes. Body temperature rises when the external temperature increases but also when the internal temperature increases. When a body temperature drops to a certain level, which can be harmful to the body, the heart, nervous systems, and other internal organs can’t work properly and can ultimately lead to organ failure and even death due to severe prolonged low body temperature. So it’s important to maintain an ideal body temperature for the proper functioning of the body and organs.

Here are 5 simple and natural ways to increase core body temperature:


Exercise is not only about losing extra fat and getting fit. Exercise allows engaging the body in the intense workout session which increases the blood flow, thus helping in increasing the heart rate and making the body sweat. Moreover, it pumps up the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body, thus making the body get into the ideal temperature state. As exercise increases the temperature of the muscles,  which in turn increases the core temperature of the whole body. Plus when an individual is coursing through a good workout routine, the body adopts a mechanism that sustains the ideal body temperature and water levels so you can keep exercising.

Jumping jacks or walking

No doubt, physical exercises increase the blood flow but not all exercises raise the core temperature. Jumping Jacks or simply brisk walking helps to give the boost to rise in body temperature. Intense long cardio exercises can lead to an increase in core body temperature, few jumping Jacks with a brisk walk can help in getting the heart rate up and improve body circulation which in turn also increases the temperature. Make sure to not overexert yourself, try to keep the speed and pace relatively low.


Some mental health activities such as deep breathing, meditation, and therapy can also create a great impact on the body’s temperature regulation. Meditation and deep mindful breathing make the body warm, calm, and relaxed. Reports suggest that during meditation the brain becomes active and controls the core temperature. Intense and forceful breathing involves a diaphragm which increases body heat. While other than exercising, diets, and other activities there are products-based natural supplements too that raise the optimal levels of temperature that also initiate weight loss without any side effects. Mitchell Morgan, a senior writer also came up with the fact that natural supplements boosts the overall body’s immunity and is good for the cardiovascular system. Additionally, it helps to regulate internal organs functions and triggers weight loss.

Eating right

With exercise, food is another important part to increase the core temperature. No body can be fit, healthy, or ideal if the diet is not good. The body needs some kind of fuel to burn and to keep the core temperature up, especially during winters

There are some healthy food and beverages that help to increase body temperature. Beverages such as hot tea or coffee, in foods it can be bananas, sweet potato, oats, soups and even roasted veggies help the body to rise at optimum temperature. These foods are healthy, nutrition sufficient, and warm up the body instantly. These foods improve the functioning of the gland and are responsible for regulating the body temperature. Also, introducing iron and carbs-rich food in the diet can help a lot to maintain temperature and will improve overall health.

Taking a warm bath or a hot spa

This is a quick and easy way to increase the core body temperature naturally without applying much effort. A warm bath helps to raise the internal temperature and makes the body more relaxed and calmer. Or a hot shower can also be a good option as it stimulates the body’s thermoregulatory system. Studies suggest that bathing improves the core body temperature which improves the heart rate and blood circulation.

Produced by reports it shows that though normal body temperature fluctuation is normal still it can be maintained in a couple of ways naturally which are mentioned above.

Body temperature is a crucial indicator of a body’s wellbeing. And the fluctuation of core temperature can have a serious impact on the body. Increased core temperature can be a critical factor in balancing your physiological response. Raising the body’s core temperature can be an effective way to boost immunity. And through increased body temperature one can also easily enjoy the benefits of faster metabolism and improved heart rate. Make sure not to over exceed any activity. If somehow core temperature rises extensively high it can ultimately lead to organ failure.

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