If you’re a part of the HR team in your company, you would know how tough it is to hire the right people for a particular position.

Even if you’re a candidate interested in applying for a company, you need to know the odds of your being chosen among others. But what exactly are the qualities that the right candidate must have in a company? Depending on the job and the position open, the specific criteria will vary.

But there are some qualities that a candidate needs to have to stand out, irrespective of which company or position they are applying for. Here is a list of five qualities that a good candidate should have.

1. Leadership

Even if the job requires an entry-level assistant or worker, the interviewer wishes to look for some leadership skills in the perfect candidate. After all, a leader doesn’t become a leader in a day. It takes years of patience and knowledge to make good decisions. Having proper leadership skills is very important in any job.

A true leader knows that they cannot boss around others; they have to show others how to work together as a team. Any successful company would like to see a fresh face that is not afraid to take up responsibilities or inspire others.

2. Teamwork

The second most important thing a good candidate should have is the ability to work comfortably in a team. Many jobs require extensive teamwork and there are dozens of employees who either steal the limelight or do absolutely no work. A good candidate must be willing to participate in group activities and keep everyone engaged.

Unless you work properly in a team, you won’t be able to build your social and communication skills. Moreover, any big project requires many hands on deck. Being a part of a team will also help you to land more projects to develop the company.

3. Communication skills

In today’s world, communication has become the key to everything. If you don’t know how to communicate effectively, your company can lose out on a lot of opportunities and money.

Therefore, crystal-clear communication skills are essential in a good candidate. If you are planning to hire someone whose communication skills are flawless, you can consult Meritos. Meritos is a specialist recruitment company that believes in client satisfaction above all else.

They conduct executive searches, board advisory, and interim leadership among other things. Book a consultation with Meritos to get in touch with some of the most talented candidates out there.

4. Strong work ethics

An honest employee is any company’s pride. When a candidate maintains a work ethic and takes accountability for any mistakes, it shows how true they are.

Any employer will look for a reliable employee who will be able to carry out the work efficiently and not be responsible for the company’s downfall. If a candidate is truthful and follows principles, they will automatically be respected by everyone else in the office.

For a newly-hired employee, it’s natural to make mistakes. But when they admit that mistake and rectify it, it shows true courage. Moreover, someone who stays away from corrupt or dishonest practices performs much better at work.

5. Flexibility

Another very important characteristic of a good candidate is his willingness to be flexible. Nobody wants a candidate who is overly stubborn and refuses to adjust. While it’s true that one should not blindly compromise all the time, it is equally necessary to understand when to adjust.

For example, during a group project, if other members of a team wish for a particular layout and one candidate refuses to agree to that, it will cause a lot of problems. A flexible candidate understands that their wishes will not always be accepted and that they should respect others’ viewpoints too.

In the corporate world, especially, the ways of a certain company can change overnight. So a good employee needs to adapt to those changes for the betterment of the company.

Over to you…

These are the five most essential qualities that a good candidate should have. In November 20201, Australia has around 396,100 openings for jobs.

Even though employment is high, there is still tough competition among the thousands of candidates all over the country. Therefore, in order to filter out the best among the rest, use specialized help from Meritos to hire a candidate who will be perfect for your company.

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