Instagram is, without a doubt, a giant in the world of social media. In fact, there are around a billion monthly active users on Instagram, according to online statistics. This is also among the reasons why many businesses are clamoring to learn more about how they can market on Instagram.

In this post, you will be able to know the most effective tips on how you can improve your Instagram marketing strategy. With this also comes tracking the way you post and the way your competitors post on Instagram. This shall provide you with a more vivid perspective on how your Instagram marketing performs. One tactic to track how you or your competitors market on Instagram is to download Inst post. You will learn more about this later on.

First and foremost, let us take a look at what Instagram marketing is in a nutshell.

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing refers to that kind of social media marketing that involves promoting a brand via the social media platform. Instagram has the power and capability to help brands connect with such a large audience, increasing brand awareness and boosting sales.

Best Tips To Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy 

Whether you own a store and want to sell your products or want people to be familiar with your brand, marketing on Instagram is something you can do to succeed in these ventures. To bring you to a good start, here are the best tips you can follow to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

1. Understand Your Audience Better

Basically, in this tip, your content should be targeted toward your target buyers. You should take time to find out who your audience is and envision how you would like them to be once they use your products. When utilizing Instagram for marketing, you need to determine whether they are potential buyers or brand ambassadors who can help further build your brand.

You can use the tool Instagram insights to source information about the people following and interacting with your Instagram account. These constitute impressions, reach, website clicks, follower activity, video views, and saves.

Instagram insights will also provide you with demographic information to see where your followers are coming from, including learning insights about their age and gender.

2. Talk With Your Followers, Instead Of Talking At Them

Engaging with your social media followers from time to time is crucial, instead of only spamming them with sales posts, leading to a decrease in engagement.

You can share their images. In this way, you show appreciation to them when they post excellent content. This can help you build a better brand image since it shows you are listening to your audience as well.

You can also hold contests and give out prizes whenever a follower wins this competition. Examples of contests include: best caption creation contests, sharing personal stories, and asking for insights on how a particular Instagram image makes them feel.

Do not forget to incorporate a hashtag for each contest, so you can easily track the responses, which leads us to the next tip.

3. Use Hashtags That Are Relevant

Hashtags are not only hashtags but are also strategies that will help you organize and categorize photos and video content so other people can find your content more easily. At some points, hashtags have become mandatory, as many people are already using them. But there are practices on how you can hashtag well.

First, avoid overdoing it. While you can use several hashtags, a few targeted hashtags are better than a lot of random ones.

Second, avoid overused tags. While there are many posts associated with the common hashtags, using overused hashtags will tend to be useless.

Lastly, avoid spammy hashtags. Keep the hashtags relevant to the Instagram post.

4. Practice Posting In The Right Timing

It has been said that the best time to post on Instagram is from 7 to 9 p.m. However, you should not always rely on these specific timelines. You should be able to find the best time to post for your target market. You can obtain a tool that can monitor engagement on Instagram to do this. These tools can track your posts and provide you with results on which post performs best based on the posting date and time.

If you do not want to invest in these tools, that is alright, and we got tips on how you can ace this step. You need to aim for and post during non-work hours, such as during lunchtime or evenings. Take advantage of weekends since there are more people online on Instagram during these times. It has been said that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best times for engagement. Worst times for engagement? They say, between 3 to 4 p.m.

5. Include Calls-To-Action

Calls-to-action or CTAs are statements designed to acquire an immediate response from the person viewing your post or article. It is a marketing strategy used to obtain responses from audiences by them taking action. A good CTA shall tell them what to do next. Among the best examples of CTAs for Instagram include the link in bio, promo codes, and inviting your followers to like and comment on your posts.

Download Instagram Photos Via Toolzu

To download Instagram photos is one of the things you can do to improve your Instagram marketing strategy further. When you have copies of photos from the social media platform, you will better see how your account and your competitors’ Instagram pages perform. Wait up, downloading photos from Instagram, is it possible?

Initially, unlike on Facebook, it is impossible to download Instagram photos directly from the platform. Take it as Instagram’s copyright rules. But with a free Instagram photo downloader like Toolzu, you can download pictures from Instagram and save them on your devices.

Why would you save Instagram photos? Well, aside from using this to analyze your performance or the performance of your competitors on Instagram, people want to get copies of photos from Instagram so they can share them with more people.

Toolzu is among the best places where you can download Instagram pictures without losing their quality, like doing it via taking a screenshot or using unsafe applications. For one, there is no registration needed. Toolzu produces high-quality photos downloaded from Instagram. Plus, you can use the images from any device and for free.

To download Instagram photos using Toolzu, you first need to open an Instagram post and copy the link. Paste this link in the space provided on the Toolzu Instagram photos downloader page. Then, click Download. Click Download once more to confirm the action. The Instagram photo will then be downloaded and saved on your device.

That’s it. Now, you can take your Instagram marketing to the next level.

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