Life is uncertain and so is your health. A healthy human being is expected to live his/her life without any trouble and worries. Unfortunately, we cannot always be so sure of our health as our body reacts to changes whether it’s good or bad. In order to make your life a bit stress-free, health insurance is needed.

Health insurance is a contract where the insurance company will pay for your medical expenses if any uncertainty happens. But are you able to find the right insurance for your well-being with innumerable options available in the market? If your answer to it is NO, then don’t worry, I have got your back.

Here we are providing you with some of the necessary things you should watch out for before claiming health insurance.

1. Clarity of the plan

The foremost thing that should be looked for before buying health insurance is its clarity. There should be utmost transparency in the insurance plan provided to you. You must be aware of what is included and excluded in the agreement from the very beginning to avoid any chaos and confusion in the future.

2. The credibility of the insurance company

The right insurance company will provide a smooth and simplified process for you and make your requirements their priority.

Before claiming insurance make sure you have adequate information about the company and also read their reviews online which are nowadays easily accessible with just one click on the web. This will ensure that the money you invest does not go in vain.

3. Zero Hospitalization Facility

Zero or free hospitalization facilities are available in many health insurance schemes. Usually, the insurer has leads of the hospital where the insured person can be admitted in case of any medical emergency.

This benefit acts as a savior for the ones who are unable to arrange funds immediately as the amount is paid by the insurance company itself. You can also check with your insurer about their tie-up with the hospitals in your area.

4. A short waiting period

The waiting or cooling period gets started once you have claimed health insurance. All insurance plans have a waiting period within which you can’t claim.

Usually, the time period ranges from 1 month to 2 years. For example – if the waiting period mentioned in your insurance is 30 days, you cannot ask for a claim before that. Similarly, if the time period is over, the insurance company can’t deny your claims.

Further, you can always seek advice from specialized lawyers to help you with the claim. For instance, if you have been diagnosed with asbestos disease, asbestos compensation & claims lawyers can help you through the gruesome process and make sure you don’t have to wait for your claim for long periods.

5. Lifetime renewal policy

Lifetime renewal health insurance benefits people in many ways. This facility allows the insured to renew the policy without paying for it all over again. It helps the senior citizens a lot as the chances of getting diseased are higher at this age.

Therefore, you should always check if your health insurance provides you with this facility or not before investing in it.

6. Coverage of Maternity Expenses

Coverage of maternity expenses in your plan can be a boon for mothers at those critical times. It includes all the expenses that are incurred during the time of pregnancy or any complications while delivering the baby.

7. Amount of the premium

The amount you pay to the insurer every month or on a specific period of time to keep your health insurance plan active and ongoing is the Premium.

The premium keeps on increasing as your age increases. The higher the coverage of the claims in your plan the more premium you will be required to pay.

Therefore, make sure to have a detailed look at the terms and conditions provided to you and only then apply for insurance that gives the maximum benefits.

Over to you…

According to a survey, in the fiscal year of 2021, nearly 514 million people were covered under health insurance schemes. By buying insurance that is worthy and provides you with the best service, you can count yourself in, in the data provided above.

So now that you know all that must claim for your health insurance, it’s time that you must. 

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