The Forex Industry has introduced a variety of software that helps traders in their day-to-day trading. This software has abilities to manage multiple markets, track your progress, and sometimes even make trading decisions for you. One of the most popular and widely used software is MetaTrader 5 also known as MT5 which is a multi-asset platform that assists traders in Forex, Stocks, etc. 

Introduction to Expert Advisors

As the financial industry has become more competitive and people are more interested in investing and trading, the technologies surrounding this industry have simultaneously evolved and created automated trading robots formally known as Expert Advisors (EA). This basically substitutes traditional trading where the trader has to do all the job. EAs have gained huge popularity in recent years but due to the complexity in the process of developing and testing such algorithms, many of them often fail. But In today’s article, we will be focusing on the Expert Advisors that actually work!

Where to find the best MT5 EAs?

While looking for the best Expert Advisor you should note down a few things. Is the trading robot third-party verified? Does it have public trading history to see how it performed over the years? How much involvement is required to fully run the EA? 

One fintech startup that fits the mold perfectly to accommodate every trader’s need is Elite CurrenSea (ECS), founded in 2014. The company started out as an educational platform, writing and sharing different types of financial content. Later ECS pivoted into creating its own trading platforms and numerous EAs. Make sure to visit, if you’re willing to learn more about the company and what it has to offer to the market.

As we already stated above, due to the huge knowledge and experience that ECS has piled up over the years, the company decided to dive deep into the world of MT5 Expert Advisors and offer traders both simpler and faster solutions with all the necessary requirements. One of the best trading robots on the market right now, Zeus EA, has been trading live since January 2020. With astounding 5 to 15% monthly returns, this MT5 EA has surpassed its limits, offering ultra-fast monitoring and significantly lower risks of trading. To measure how risky the EA is, always refer to drawdowns (DD), in the case of Zeus EA the DD is under 20%. Due to the increase in demand, the ECS team has simplified the pricing on the Zeus EA and made the onboarding process even easier.

Another addition to the ECS EA family is Athena EA. Using the grid-trading strategy, this Expert Advisor has not closed a single month on a loss. Even though Athena EA has bigger drawdowns, the monthly returns compared to different robots are way higher (up to 25% monthly). With their managed account version, traders are able to start investing with €0 upfront cost. 

It is important to note that both of these expert advisors are fully automated, requiring minimal involvement from the trader’s side. On top of that, all of the ECS products are third-party-verified. You can find the trading history of both of these robots on myfxbook. 

The company aims to make trading available to everyone who has an interest in doing so. With their products, you are not required to have any background knowledge because the onboarding process includes all of the necessary information you need to know to reach the maximum potential with ECS Expert Advisors.  

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