Has your business suffered a boiler malfunction? Or maybe you have scheduled the maintenance after quite a while? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back covered. If your boiler breakdown can’t wait any longer, here’s what you need to do to have complete peace of mind.

Why do businesses need temporary boilers?

Whether you are experiencing a critical boiler breakdown or your current system is running inefficiently, you’re likely to wonder how to stop bleeding money by the hour. If you are leaning toward a steam boiler rental, consider the options below.

Opting for a boiler rental solution to cover your damages might be the best choice for your business. A mobile boiler will meet your necessary needs, and it doesn’t take long to install. Luckily, it’s the fastest, most convenient, and most affordable solution for handling a business boiler replacement.

Why should your company hire rental boilers?

Many hotels, industrial premises, and other types of businesses need to rent portable boilers and accessory rental equipment. Here are the common reasons why businesses consider rental solutions:

Boiler failure

If a boiler breaks down, especially in large buildings, like hotels, the company might feel pressured financially to solve the situation quickly. A sudden boiler failure comes as a shock to everyone, especially when it happens during winter. Qualitative boilers can last for a long, but they can’t last forever. With proper care, maintenance, a traditional boiler lasts for about 10 to 15 years.

Old components can bring many problems to boilers, which is why it’s important to have them replaced once you determine those issues. If you haven’t had your boiler checked or replaced in the past 10 years, then it might be the right time to consider replacing it or renting one.

Water leaks

Chronic water leaks are the most common amongst boilers. Whenever there is a water leak, it’s for sure a sign of a serious problem with your boiler. Old and loose joints can lead to a water leak. The pressure on the valves can cause water leaks. Neglecting a boiler can only increase energy consumption while reducing performance. It could also pose threat to your company’s safety and employees’ wellbeing. If your company’s boiler has experienced too many failures, then you’ll need to consider renting a more reliable one.

Poor sizing

A surprising number of business owners believe they’re better off having too much space for the boiler. And that’s how the big majority of boilers (85%) end up installed wrongfully, many of them being too large for the space they’re installed in. Oversized boilers increase energy costs through wasted fuel, but also have shorter lifespans because of a wide variety of technical issues. Have trouble with your boiler? Commercial Boiler Hire provides emergency boiler solutions nationwide to small, medium, and large businesses.

It’s a cost-effective temporary solution for replacing your boiler. Experienced team work 24/7 to make sure they get your business back on track as soon as possible. From the consultation to the installation of the boiler, the team members support the next sectors:

  • Public service areas
  • Construction sites
  • One-off events (exhibitions)
  • Hotels
  • Resorts

Reasons you might want to consider renting a boiler for your business

There are four simple reasons why companies may consider or need to rent a boiler, but you’ll be surprised to learn more.

  1. Supplemental capacity
  2. Planned outages
  3. Tight budges
  4. Emergency boiler breakdowns

Companies opt for rental boilers to help meet their increased demands during peak periods. Boiler shutdown is often demanded in the event of a natural disaster, for example. But in such cases, it makes more sense to turn it off or use a temporary rental boiler until a permanent one is installed.

For some reason, some boilers can be costly. That’s why companies plan a budget before replacing the boiler. You might find yourself in the need of replacing your boiler, like right now, but don’t have money to allocate for a pricey item.

Rental boilers might seem like a solid solution until you can raise enough money for a suitable boiler replacement. The fact that you’re paying anyways for repairs is the reason why you should consider renting a boiler instead. Not only you’ll enjoy a premium boiler, but you will also cut the costs of replacing the boiler right away.

However, no matter the reasons why you might rent a boiler, it’s clear that it’s a necessary option. In some cases, it simply makes more financial sense to rent instead of buy. Sometimes, it can take weeks, if not months to raise the money for installing a new boiler. So, the choice is clear.

Boiler systems are widely used in industrial, commercial, and residential areas. It’s known to be an effective source of heat, water, or electricity. But these buildings forgot about the potential possibility to experience a broken boiler. So, even if your business owns an efficient boiler system, you must always be prepared for possible breakdowns and emergencies. And what better solution than renting boilers? There are high-quality temporary boiler machines for renting today. More, renting one or many is easy because they come already assembled.

Common types of rental boilers:

  • Package boiler
  • Trailer mounted

Boilers play a crucial part in businesses, and now, they’re more utilized than ever. Because of the different needs in business, boilers come customized for specific needs. Renting a boiler is necessary, but you’ll still need to identify the reasons why and choose the right type of boiler so that you don’t encounter issues later on. In emergencies, such as inevitable breakdowns, a rental boiler might be just what you need.

Plus, with renting, you can try different types of rental boilers for your business. Another big advantage of renting a boiler is that rental services are available when you most need them. Rental companies have team members of professionals ready to assist everyone who would need training on safe boiler management.

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