Whether you live in the city or in the suburbs, one aspect of your life that is common across everyone is that you spend a considerable amount of time in your car. A car is no longer only a means of getting from one place to another and car manufacturers are constantly working on different technologies to improve the overall experience of driving. In a city, the traffic forces you to drive for hours on end while the distances between places in suburbs are another headache.

Since we spend so much time inside a car, it is no surprise that people treat their car as one of their most prized possessions and make sure that their time inside the car is comfortable. It is here that car accessories have started making a huge contribution. However, like every other market, this too is flooded with a lot of fluffy products that may not actually be necessary or even useful.

To help you select the most useful and must-have car accessories that you cannot do without, we have prepared a list below. Let’s start driving, shall we?

  1. Phone Holder – From using your phone for navigating the unexplored parts of town or for simply listening to your favorite podcast, we need to use our phones while in the car for a lot of reasons. While it is not recommended to use your mobile phones while driving, we understand that there are times when it becomes necessary.For those times, you can use car holders for iPhone. Of course, there is no rocket science involved in this simple accessory. In fact, the best car holders are basic ones with a suction facility so that they can be set up on the windscreen. There are magnetic ones too and also non-skid ones that can be set up on the dashboard.

  2. Car perfume – As we spend more and more time in the car, it is obvious that it starts absorbing a lot of odor, both from our body and the surroundings. In a car used by a family with small kids, there is always the possibility of a puking or pooping episode and who knows when you will have the chance to get your car deep cleaned by a professional.For all these foreseen and many other unforeseen circumstances, it is recommended to have a car freshener or perfume. The best ones are those that can be installed close to the air conditioner vents so that the cool air that fills the car can be used to spread a nice and fresh fragrance.
  3. Car charger – A car charger is necessary for a car because of two reasons. First, we spend a lot of time in the car. Second, even while in the car, our smartphones are being constantly used (either to communicate or for entertainment or navigation purposes). Thus, the battery of smartphones is sure to drain faster inside a car too.

A car charger, preferably a USB one and with enough firepower, is, therefore, one of the most essential car accessories that you cannot do without. In fact, it is such an important thing that most car manufacturers have started incorporating USB slots for charging phones as part of their models themselves.

  1. Portable Tyre Inflator – Now, this is a car accessory that may not be used regularly but it is surely one of those car accessories that you can rely upon during emergencies. Imagine you get your tire punctured and you are in the middle of nowhere without a tire to spare. Check out dhgate for some amazing utilities like the portable tire inflator.In such dangerous situations, a portable tire inflator can inflate your repaired tire by using the power outlet of your car. A good quality inflator will take around 10-15 minutes to inflate your tire. Apart from rescuing you from emergencies, it can also be used by those people who hate waiting in long queues outside gas stations for refilling their tires.
  2. Pepper Spray – Hear us out before you start judging us for suggesting that you keep a can of pepper spray inside your car. Pepper spray is one of the most useful weapons in cases of distress. In fact, this is not just for female drivers. A pepper spray can be used by any and everyone for self defense.The best part about pepper sprays is that they come very cheap and are quick and effective in their job – incapacitating your opponent. The ideal location for the pepper spray can be in your door pocket so that it is easily accessible for you and hidden from the view of others – the perfect stealth weapon.

Apart from the top 5 accessories mentioned above, there are a few that deserve mention here. A car organizer is essential to help you keep a first aid kit, sunglasses, water, smartphones accessories, and other travel items in a disciplined manner. Most people also prefer to keep a car vacuum cleaner so as to ensure that the car remains spick and span. Smokers may want to keep an ashtray.

Be that as it may, a car is a third home (after work, which is the second home) for most of us and your car must reflect your personality, not just from the outside but also from the inside.

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