If you’re writing copy for new products or updating existing listings, the main objective will be the same: to convert your user into a paying customer. Copy can be a powerful tool for any content marketer, so long as you know how to use it to your advantage. Here are 5 tips for writing top product copy that will convert your users and secure those sales.

Know Your Product

First and foremost, your product copy should be accurate. This means that you have to know your stuff too. Whatever your product, knowing the specifications, ingredients and details about it is vital information that you need to include in your product copy. Of course, you need to make your copy persuasive, but before that it needs to be informative to fulfill its purpose.

Optimize Your Copy

Product pages are the perfect opportunity to rank for keywords, and are the best place to reach your target audience. You can use enterprise SEO services for this exact purpose and connect your product pages to the people who want to buy your products. Ranking for search terms on your product pages also provides the most efficient user experience for your customers by cutting out excess clicks. If you target product keywords on your homepage, your customer arrives at your site and still has to navigate themselves to your product page. But by targeting keywords on relevant product pages, you can take your customer right to the source.

Paint a Picture

Once your copy is detailed and optimized, it’s time to make it more attractive to your user. And when it comes to language, there are so many ways to do that. Although there isn’t often much space in a product description to provide a beautiful passage of prose, you can still paint a picture with your product copy that will entice your reader to hit that add to basket button. Try to provide your user with a snippet of how they can use your product, because once they can picture having the product, they’ll be that much more likely to purchase it.

Add In Some Personality

This tip is dependent on the type of product you sell, and your brand’s personality. So, if it’s relevant to do so, don’t be afraid to add in some personality to your product! Delighting your user might just be the thing that convinces them to buy your product.

Show Off Product Features

Your product pages are the last stage that your customers reach before making the final purchasing decision. This makes the content on them absolutely crucial if you want to secure sales. Considering this, each product page should give the customer all of the information they need to know about your product to empower them to decide to add it to their basket.

So, your product page copy needs to show off the best of your product features. Tell them why they should buy your product over a competitor’s – what can your product do better? When you do this, you’re substantially increasing your chances of securing a sale.

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