Understanding how to play rummy is one thing while winning this card game is quite another thing. Most people who know how to play Indian Rummy find it difficult to win this game. This is because they lack the insight or the right strategies towards victory. Here we hope to help you understand how to win this card game in a jiffy. Here are a few rummy tricks that always seem to work. Read along and master your favorite card game:

Disposing Picture Cards

King, Queen, and Jack are picture cards that are present in each sign. All picture cards have a value of ten points. That is why if the picture cards are not part of any sequence or set, they can cost you heavily. It is thus best to dispose of the picture cards if they do not form a part of any sequence or set. It will reduce the points in your hand and you may get better cards as alternatives to these picture cards.

Keeping Alternate Options to Complete Sequences

The rummy game relies greatly on chance. That is why it makes sense to pile up several options to form sequences. You need to create a pair of cards that can form a sequence with different cards. For example, if you have a pair of cards 4 and 5 of diamonds, the sequence can be completed using a 3 of diamonds or a 6 of diamonds. This means 2 cards can complete your sequence. Apart from these, jokers may also be used to complete the sequences.

Disposing Jokers to Complete Pure Sequences

Pure sequence or natural sequence is a sequence that is made by combining numbers of the same sign in ascending or descending order without the use of jokers. In any variation of the rummy card game, one pure sequence is required to complete life. If a person has too many jokers in his hand, he may find it difficult to complete his pure sequence. In such situations, it makes sense to dispose of off the extra jokers so that you get cards to complete the pure sequence.

Using Jokers to Reduce Points

You may replace the high point cards with jokers in order to reduce the total points in your hand. This is a useful strategy when you have too many points in your hand and the opponent may win soon.

Quitting When You Have Poor Hand

Rummy is one card game where passing a turn or quitting is not looked on as cowardice. A person who sees very little chance of completing his hand should quit the game. In Khelplay Rummy, you may choose the first drop or second drop to pass your turn at the beginning or the middle of the game.

Quitting When Opponent is About to Win

A good player continually observes opponent moves. When the opponent starts disposing of low point cards, it is a hint that he is about to complete his hand. If you have not yet completed your life, it would be wise on your part to pass the turn. Quitting a turn is helpful in series games where victory and defeat completely depend on the points at the end.

Now that you have understood these tricks and strategies, you won’t have difficulty completing your hand and winning rummy card games. If you have any more doubts regarding rummy games, just watch the rummy tutorial videos by Khelplay Rummy and educate yourself regarding the tricks and strategies related to the game. Download the Khelplay Rummy app on your mobile phone to practice rummy online.

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