College students need to manage their time to ensure they finish all assignments on time. University programs tend to be rigorous because institutions of higher learning push students to do their very best.

Whether you’re a freshman student or in your final year of college, time management skills are essential for your survival. Pulling all-nighters and always doing things last minute is the source of stress for many college students. Managing time does not mean you get as little sleep as possible. Your mind and body need time to rest for you to function properly.

If you’re struggling to balance your obligations, it means you’re not managing your time well. You need to have a calendar that helps you prioritize assignments whose due dates are closer. You should also cut down the time you spend on social media.

Each time you’re working on an assignment, ensure you specify the apps that can notify you within that period. This way, you won’t be distracted by unnecessary things. Each time you don’t have time to complete an assignment, visit to get paper writing help.

Plan Ahead for your Long-term Projects

When the professor gives projects that take time to complete, plan ahead for them. In the beginning, it might seem like you have all the time in the world, but if you don’t plan your time, you’ll soon realize time is running out. Ensure you go through the assignment to find out how much time it would take you to complete it.

Break the project down into sections and set timelines for each section. Be realistic about your goals, otherwise, you’ll feel frustrated throughout the project. When you go through a long term project, you can easily gauge how soon you should start working on it.

As you know, going through every semester in college means having to juggle through projects and deadlines. You’ll have weekend assignments, presentations, mid-semester tests, lab sessions, and so many other activities and assignments that require your attention. Since you cannot divide yourself in two, you have to plan well.

Make a Weekly Calendar

This is an excellent way of managing time because each week in college is different. If you had three lab sessions the previous week, it doesn’t mean that it will be the same the next week. Make a new calendar for the next week at the end of every week. This kind of self-awareness is what helps you keep your performance in check. Having a calendar to walk you through the week saves you from committing to activities you won’t be able to show up for.

A calendar also helps you prioritize the most important things. You won’t find yourself attending a music concert over the weekend when you have a handful of assignments due on Monday. You won’t also experience scenarios where you only find out there was an assignment given out when the lecturer is asking students to submit their work. It is such situations that drive you to plagiarize people’s work.

Have a Reminder System

Your smartphone is an amazing tool when it comes to time management. You can use it to develop a reminder system to ensure you don’t forget about anything. The reminder app allows you to set as many reminders as you want in a day.

Set reminders for assignment completion so that you submit all your work before the deadline. You can also set reminders for friends’ birthdays because a busy schedule is not a valid excuse to miss a friend’s birthday. It’s always nice when your friends wish you a happy birthday without you reminding them about it.

You’ve got to learn how to Multi-task

When we talk about multi-tasking, many people think in the extreme end. However, multi-tasking can be as easy as making coffee in the morning while you shower. Go through your routine and find out which activities can be accomplished at the same time. You’d be surprised at how much time you’ll end up saving.

If you work in the library, consider using your shift to study as well. After all, most of the time, librarians just sit and wait for someone to ask for their assistance. When you’re studying for your final exams, group related units together and be done with them once and for all.

Monitor your Productivity

At the end of each day, find out what really wasted your time and do better next time. If you spent too much time on social media, find a way of limiting your time on Facebook and other social media platforms. You could disable the apps during the day and reactivate them when you’re free of any obligations. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Eat foods that boost your mental activity to help you maintain your concentration during long lectures. Make a habit of carrying healthy snacks wherever you go because working on an empty stomach will automatically lower your productivity. You can hardly focus on anything when your stomach keeps rumbling. It’s not only irritating but embarrassing as well.


As a student, you have the freedom to use your time how you please. But you need to realize that every action has its consequences. If you spend the whole weekend parting, who will do the studying for you? You can always turn to write help when your assignments are due, but you can’t go around sit-in exams.

Give yourself Downtime

You cannot always be on your toes. You need to set aside time when you do nothing. Sleep alone is not enough to keep you sane. Everyone needs time to reflect on life and see which of their plans need to change. After all, change is the only constant thing, and it’s always good to be ready for it.

Leverage Campus Resources

It’s always better to consult with your professor when you don’t understand a concept that labor in the library for hours. Leveraging campus resources helps you free up time.


These time management tips ensure you keep up with your academic performance. Ensure you get enough sleep and learn how to multi-task.

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