Today, it is important for businesses to take advantage of social media and utilize it to reach their target customers. This makes the great potential for agencies, especially those working in communications and digital advertising.

Your agency might be providing different communication and marketing services, but sometimes, your customers want to obtain everything they need in one place. Famoid, for instance, offers different social media services like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Whether your clients are looking for a social media service or you have to encourage them that they need such a service, you can offer them with various services to help them.

In this article, we will show you some of the common social media services that you can provide to people.

Content Creation

A lot of your customers will be looking for high-quality content that they can utilize on social media. Though there are various kinds of social media they can utilize on different several channels, some need to be specifically made for social media purposes.

For instance, there are particular proportions to be met for pictures on different rules and networks. What’s more, different kinds of text formatting must be taken into consideration.

Content on social media needs to be appealing as well as encourage sharing to help every brand in spreading their messages.

Nevertheless, if you are currently utilizing creative skills in your agency, along with data and analytics, you may have what you need to begin making social media content.

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Content Publishing

If you have contention creation, of course, you must have content publishing as well. Helping your customers when it comes to scheduling their content is a useful service to them.

For small businesses, finding time to publish their content can be more challenging, particularly across several channels. On the other hand, when dealing with international audiences, getting an accurate time to publish can be difficult.

Even so, it is not the most difficult task, but scheduling content makes things much easier for your customers.

Often, content calendars are one of the best ways to assist customers when is the right time to post.

Consulting and Education

For many businesses, social media might be still new. Even though they are using it in their personal life, it is a different thing to use it for advertising purposes.

As an agency, you may want to offer a service that can help your customers in the difficult world of social media marketing.

For instance, you can include services like educating them on how to conduct themselves on different social media sites.

What’s more, a lot of people need to learn the right language to utilize when chatting with their audiences as a brand on various networks.


There you have it the three social media services that you can offer. But aside from these, other services can help your clients beat the competition like community and campaign management, analysis and research, and strategy planning.

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