Remembering the important dates and days is difficult because all of us have a tight and busy schedule. But what can help us keep a track of all the crucial events are these really cool countdown apps and widgets. These apps are available on Android as well as iOS platforms.

You can free yourself from the stress of remembering these important events. All you have to do is download a countdown app on your device. These apps make you wait more bearable and are some of the best countdown apps for Android and iOS platforms. Countdown apps for desktop and MAC are also available.

10 Best Countdown Apps 2020

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind before choosing the countdown application. An app that can set multiple countdowns to an attractive and nice-looking interface, make sure you check out all these features before installing them.

Countdown in Status Bar

The Countdown in Status Bar is a widget that is very light on your device’s battery. It weighs very little and occupies no space in memory. It doesn’t have a strong effect on power consumption and even works in power saving mode.

Also, to start the application you just need to open it once. You can set the date and just start the counter. And the application will work invisibly, with the desired time displayed in the status bar.

You can even run two different counters in parallel. Both the events will be given different colors so that you can differentiate between the two. Remarkably the countdown timer is even visible when the device is locked.

countdown apps for android- countdown in status bar

While there is a free version that comes with ads, you can opt for the Pro version to enjoy additional colors and get rid of all the ads. However in the free version as well, you can remove the ads with some additional fee.

To sum it up the Countdown in the Status bar is a minimalist application with an easy-to-use interface which makes it one of the best countdown apps for Android users.

Countdown: Count Down Birthday

This next countdown application is for iOS users and has been said to be one of the best countdown apps by its developers. We can confirm it only after installing it, but it sure has seen a huge number of downloads.

The Countdown: Count Down Birthday, as the name suggests is the application that will help you track down the birthday of your loved ones. Just create the right event and find how close you are getting to the important date.

Apart from this, it also ensures that you enjoy the app visually. So you can change the styles, background images according to your wish.

Countdown Apps for iOS - Birthday Countdown

Everything here is quite simple. You can browse through the upcoming events quickly, delete the past events or remove the events which have been cancelled or you do not want to keep a track of. The application will send the notification of all events to your lock screen. You will see a number on these notifications, which means the number of days left for the event.


Whether it is holidays, vacations, or birthdays, all of us are always looking forward to them. And with the Countdown+ app, you can actually check how closer you are getting to enjoy these moments. This app is from the highly recommended listicles of Countdown apps for Android.

In the initial setup phase, you will have to create your own profile. You will be asked to give some basic information like your country of residence etc.

And as soon as you fill in the personal information, a list will be displayed immediately giving out all the public holidays of your country- like Christmas, New Year, Easter, and others. So now you don’t need to drive these events separately.

For personal events, create a date and give it a title. If you want you can also attach photos to it. Also, you can place the Countdown+ as a widget on your phone’s home screen. Additionally, they also offer the notification function, wherein the app reminds you at a certain time before the event.  So with Countdown+, you won’t miss out on anything important.

Retirement Countdown

This next application is a retirement countdown app that comes with a simplified design and great functionality. This application has been designed for those people who are close to their retirement. The Retirement Countdown app comforts the people whose retirement is coming in the future and reminds them that soon they will be able to relax.

If you are also tired of working and experiencing a decline in the desire to work ahead then maybe you can set up the timer to your retirement. With this app make sure that time moves forward and so do you. Get closer to your pension.

countdown apps for android- retirement countdown

However, the Retirement Countdown app allows you to change the colors of the countdown timer and set the image of the background only. The functions offered by it might be minimal, but it is enough to keep track of the upcoming event.

So get ready to go on a vacation and set the timer of the place that you want to visit first.

Countdown Star

Want to set the countdown right on the clock then Countdown Star is the ideal countdown app for you. The display of the utility ranges from years to seconds, however with its slider option you can change the display type.

The Countdown Star app is iOS compatible and so the events can be displayed on your Apple Watch as well. It also offers a huge range of background images to choose from. You can even select a picture from your phone’s photo library or snap it right then.

countdown app download

You can access all the countdowns by swiping to the right. And what’s more interesting is that you can set the event for which you are the most excited and can’t even wait to be displayed every time you open the app. With flexible clock units, a nice widget, and useful setting options, the Countdown Star has been a terrific app.

You can always go with the free version if you can bear with the ads.


With Countdown° you get a lot of categories for which you can set up the timer like work, life and birthdays. You can view the countdowns created on the home screen or some of the selected categories only.

Countdown° comes with flexible settings, so you can choose the format of the date, theme, alarm type, widget style, and much more.

One of its remarkable features includes repeating events that are perfect for recurring events like birthdays and anniversaries. Apart from these events, you can also use it as the retirement countdown app to keep track of your family’s important events.

All thanks to its default sharing options that you can share all your countdowns just with the tap of your fingers. There are multiple countdowns available in the app along with various attractive themes that you can select according to the event. You can even import events from the calendar.

Made primarily for iOS devices, there is both a free and a Pro version. The latter comes with some in-app purchases so that the ads are removed.

Wedding 365

Apart from birthdays, weddings are one of the most auspicious events in people’s life. While everyone is looking forward to this day, the Wedding 365 Countdown app helps the bride and the groom to keep their excitement by counting the days remaining for the wedding.

It is a smart app that also calculates how many days you have been together and your love for each other. And after the marriage, it keeps the track of days passed since the marriage.

You can set the widget of the app on your home screen and enjoy this beautifully designed app. In addition, it also allows you to set some romantic wallpaper from its catalog so as to give your expectations a touch of love.

Remarkably, it also allows you to get more personalized by uploading your name and pictures. What makes this app one of the best countdown app, is that you can change the complete appearance of the timer, color, names as a whole.

Birthday Countdown

Are you too always blamed for forgetting the birthdays of your circle? Do you always forget about the important events? Or are you unable to plan a vacation for you?

If the answer to anyone of the above questions is yes, then Birthday Countdown app will help you remember all the important dates and days. So, install the application and remember all the important birthdays for once. That’s it. The Birthday countdown app will do the rest. It will remember all the upcoming events and alert you. It will even add the necessary holidays for you.

Using the simple widget of the app you can watch out for the birthdays and dates. Just keep it on your main screen and get ready for the upcoming birthdays with your good wishes or a gift.

So don’t be a ruthless person and congratulate everyone or wish them on their crucial day with the help of the Birthday Countdown app.


Countdown!! The name sounds so cool with these two exclamation marks. It somewhat increases the excitement that the countdown for your favorite event has begun. And so with this app, you can easily set up your countdowns with units from months to seconds, and even heartbeats.

Receive alerts from the custom reminders of your countdowns, months to minutes before your event. Another remarkable feature of Countdown!! which makes it one of the best countdown apps is that you can add songs from your music library to your countdowns.

This will surely add up to your enjoyment. And don’t forget to customize the colors and font styles so that it matches the background picture that you set.

With Countdown!! You can even share your set countdowns with others, check the upcoming timers set by swiping right, and also set the widget to the mains screen for a quick glance at the upcoming events.

Event Countdown Lite

The Event Countdown Lite is an app that is clean and effective. It displays all the countdowns in the form of a list, and you can just tap on an event to check out the time left on the clock for the event.

It comes with a super cool feature where you can customize the appearance using a lot of colors and icon combinations. You can even set the notification for events that are a year ahead to remember the event on time. And if you want you can add some notes to the important countdowns or reminders as descriptions.

countdown apps for Android and iOS

Just like the previous countdown apps for Android, the Event Countdown Lite is the iOS version, with which you can invite your friends to keep a track of your countdowns together or just share it with them.

There are some new additions to our list of best countdown apps. Make your countdown more exciting with these timer-apps. Most of these Countdown apps are for Android and iOS both.

Wrapping Up

So, guys, these were some of the Best Countdown Apps for Android that will help you remember the important days of your life. If we have missed out on an app that you are using then share it with us below.

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