Do you find Comic books and their characters fascinating? Do you want to see how you will look like a cartoon character? You can actually convert your picture into a cartoon art using the cartoon picture apps available on Google Play. That’s right. Posting regular selfies won’t get you millions of followers. Experiments are the spice of life and so its time you ditch the boring, well-known filters. You can now give your pictures a sketch or caricature effect with the help of apps available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Just use these apps and embrace these comical pictures and share them on your social media platform.

Best Cartoon Picture Apps 2021

Make your photo look like a cartoon character with these amazingly powerful apps. Get ready to dive into the goofy and entertaining world of cartoons with these applications, and I guarantee that they won’t disappoint you.

Cartoon Yourself – Best Cartoon Face App

A brilliant option to convert your photos into a cartoon is the Cartoon Yourself app. Even though it doesn’t allow you to take pictures or record videos you can effortlessly give your pictures a comic character effect. Tap the “Add photo” option and then select the picture you want to apply the effect on.

Now browse through the rich collection of cartoon effects and stickers that the app offers.

Cartoon Picture Apps - Cartoon Yourself

After the photo is changed you can save the picture on your device and share it on your social media. Apart from cartooning the pictures, the app also offers basic editing tools like mirror, crop and rotate for your pictures

Price: Free, contains in-app purchases

Cartoon Photo Editor

Another photo editing app that allows you to transform your photos from the gallery into some inspiring cartoon characters is the Cartoon Photo Editor app. In addition, you can also use the front and back camera of your phone to capture pictures and videos through the app.

One of the great features of the Cartoon Photo Editor app is that you can preview all the effects in real-time. So before you take a selfie or record some video you can see the results.

Cartoon Picture Apps - Cartoon Photo Editor

Even its auto-focus feature helps you keep the subject of your photos and videos in a crisp and sharp focus. From Thermal Vision, Cartoon or Crosshatch you can enjoy a wide range of filters. However, one concern for some of the users is the invasion of ads. Its is one of the best cartoon yourself app Android version.

Price: Free, contains ads.


With Cip2Comic app, you can transform your photos and videos that are already on your phone into cartoons. Just like the Cartoon Photo Editor app, Clip2Comic lets you preview the recordings using the live preview feature. It enables you to know how the video or photo is going to look like after you record it.

There are a total of 8 comics, sketch art and toon filters from which you can choose your favourite and retouch the pictures easily.

You can use the basic editing tools of the app for enhancing the colours or cropping the picture and create caricatures using the deformation tools. Also, you can get the photo-generated using Clip2Comic on a postcard in just $1.99.

Price: Free, contains in-app purchases.

Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit

This app is for all the iOS users to transform their photos into funny cartoon sketch in seconds. Or if you want you can also launch the camera and capture the perfect moment with the Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit app. It offers various effects from which you can choose, and even add stickers and text to the cartoon created.

It allows you to adjust the Saturation and Contrast values along with the brightness. You can pay with all these features to make your photos more vivid.

Cartoon Picture Apps Photo to Cartoon

A lot of times while editing the pictures, they shrink awkwardly or stretch. But editing in these apps guarantees high-quality images. However, even after so many features, one downside of the apps is that you cannot share it on social media directly. You can just save it.

Price: Free, app offers in-app purchases


One of the best cartoon yourself app for Android is the Painnt app. It offers an above thousand effects and filters, that you can use to manipulate virtually any photos. You can control the saturation, transparency and brightness of the images.

At the Painnt creative community, you can discover the artwork of your choice and even meet like-minded people.

Cartoon Picture Apps - Painnt

There is a free version of the app but it limits the photo size that you can export and process in HD. If you want you can choose any of the subscription models as well. But I feel that the free version is enough to get the best cartoon effect.

Price: Free, app contains in-app purchases.

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma came roaring into the market. Almost every other person was talking about the app and using it to give their pictures an edge over the others. It was one of the most popular cartoons yourself app for Android available in the market.

Even if its popularity isn’t the same now, the art filters that it offers is still commendable. You might remember some of its cool filters that made your pictures look like it is painted by some great artist.

The interesting part about this app is that it releases new filters regularly, and so your cartoon photo will always look the best.

Price: Free, app contains in-app purchases and ads

Cartoon Photo Filter Effect

Another amazing photo editing application for Android users is the Cartoon photo filter effect. As the name suggests it helps to give the perfect cartoon effects to your creation. Here you will find above 50 photo effects that you can use on your photos. It even allows you to customize the photo effects according to your creativity.

The method is quite simple. Just go to the camera or open your gallery. Choose the picture and crop it using the cropping tool of the app. You can even use the rotate function to change the orientation of the picture as you like. And then apply the filter of your choice. You can save the picture easily on your device and even share it with your family and friends.

Price: Free, with some in-app purchases


The MomentCam community offers a wide range of emoticons and cartoons to its users, apart from awarding prizes to the members who five the most creative ideas. It sounds so cool? An app that actually appreciates your effort and art. You can say this is one of the coolest Cartoon Picture Apps.

It is quite easy to use. Just select a picture and then choose a background that you feel would suit it. You can try to put glasses, change hairstyles or beards, and also add more visual elements to make the picture look more appealing. Amongst the high-end iOS apps, MomentCam is a much-appreciated cartoon yourself app for Android.

No matter how great the app is, there is one downfall. All the cartoon pictures that you make using the free version will be watermarked. So if you really like the features and filters offered by MomentCam, then you can chip in some money for the Emoticon packs.

Price: Free, but the app contains ads and in-app purchases

ArtistA Cartoon and Sketch Cam

There are so many apps that let you change your pictures into cartoons. The ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Cam allows you to turn your pictures and videos quickly into sketches and cartoons.

It provides 50 plus impressive filters and effects that not only gives a cartoon effect to your pictures but also make them look realistic.

With the best photo editing tools, you can use this app to create cute cartoony selfies and display pictures for your social media profiles. It gives a tough competition to al the Cartoon Photo Editor apps available in the market.

Price: Free, app contains in-app purchases


Artisto is another one of the amazing Cartoon Picture Apps. With Artisto the process to convert pictures into cartoons becomes easy. Just three simple steps- take a picture or video, select the filter that you want to apply and then save the results.

The free version of Artisto offers some great filters but if you want to access all the Artisto features then you can opt for the Plus or Pro version.

However, the video captured by the app is of relatively low quality. But no matter what you can have some good fun with this app and its amazing tools.

Price: Free, app offers in-app purchases

Summarising the Best Cartoon Face App – To Convert Picture to Caricature Online 2021

So guys it is 2020 now and so we have updated our list for you. Here are some more cartoon photo editor apps that you can try to give your pictures an edge over the others.

Wrapping Up

The number of effects, export feature and image quality all matters while choosing an app that will help you cartoonize your pictures and videos. We have tried to curate the best cartoon picture apps available in the market for you. You can download the apps from Google Play Store or from the Apple Store.

If you too like experimenting and have tried one of these apps then do let us know your experience. Also if you have some other personal favourite app that we have missed out then share it with us in the comment section.

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