When purchasing health insurance for senior citizens, it is essential to be aware of the factors that might influence the premiums. Health insurance is becoming increasingly important in India nowadays. Life has become more unpredictable in urban India as a result of individual lifestyle choices. That is why health insurance, also known as mediclaim, has become an essential part of people’s lives in recent years.

Most people choose health insurance or mediclaim from various insurance providers to cover hospitalization or medical expenditures. The amount of premium paid for this form of insurance is determined by the health insurance companies’ estimates. Especially today, it has become essential to invest in senior citizen health insurance in India. However, if you are not sure what factors to keep in mind while doing so. Read on.

The following factors influence senior citizen health insurance:

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

To guarantee there are no pre-existing medical problems, the policyholder or applicant must supply their health records. However, if you have any pre-existing problems, the firm can choose to include them in their senior citizen health insurance plans or not. If the insurance company cannot cover it through health insurance, the policyholder would be responsible for the payments. As a result, it may lead to a rise in the premium’s amount.

Medical History In The Family

Premiums may increase for members of the policyholder’s family who suffer from hereditary medical conditions. With their DNA, no one can do anything. Suppose a member of the policyholder’s family has a medical history of illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, or any other. In that case, you may be at risk of acquiring the same, and your premium for senior citizen health insurance will be higher.

BMI (Body Mass Index)

People with a high BMI have to pay substantially more senior citizen health insurance premiums than those with a normal BMI. The reason for this is that high BMI may cause various diseases, including heart issues, joint problems, and diabetes, to mention a few. For routine operations such as pregnancy, people with a higher BMI may require specialist care. As a result, even basic processes become a little laborious, which impacts premium rates.

Harmful Substances

Most insurance companies raise premiums for their policies and, in some cases, refuse to insure those who smoke, chew tobacco, or snuff because they are more susceptible to life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. As a result, the premiums of senior citizen health insurance are affected.


According to experts, many insurance companies feature premium rates that differ for men and women for three reasons: women are more likely to visit doctors, fill medications, and be diagnosed with chronic conditions.


Because they have fewer known and undiagnosed illnesses than older people, most young people have considerably lower premiums. Young policyholders are less likely to suffer from health issues and are less likely to seek medical help. Considering this factor, senior citizen health insurance may incur higher premiums.

Career Of Choice

Because senior citizens who have worked in settings with dangerous substances, radiation, chemicals, and jobs with a high risk of injury, are more susceptible to cardiovascular illnesses, they must pay higher rates, according to insurance firms.

Non-availability of Insurance

Insurance companies usually demand a higher premium for senior citizen health insurance if they have never been covered before. Insurers think that formerly uninsured persons will often visit physicians and hospitals to begin reaping the advantages of health insurance coverage. As a result, they raise premium prices to cover all costs.

Location Of Your Stay

Many insurance firms base their premiums on the individual’s residence. Many businesses believe that similar issues such as a typical climate, a lack of healthy food alternatives, and a cultural reluctance to exercise stem from the same sources. As a result of the similarities, firms have raised their prices for senior citizen health insurance.

As previously said, several additional factors influence the cost of health senior citizen health insurance premiums. BMI, marital status, and behaviors, including addictions such as smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco, or snuff, are among them. These factors are taken into account while determining the health insurance premium policy.

The insurance company utilizes the health insurance calculator to determine the final amount of the premium after considering all of these criteria. You may also calculate the anticipated premium using any online insurance premium calculator.

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