Nowadays, having a business without a website is unthinkable. Those companies that took care of this tool in advance received the lion’s share of their customers. After the Internet revolution, the era of mobile technology has come. Now it’s time to use new effective tools that appear in our world along with mobile devices. If you have a smartphone or tablet, then you understand how convenient the applications could be. What can a business mobile app do? How you can implement your ideas into life — read below.

Application Development Opportunities

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to avoid having a mobile app if you have a large business online. In case you are making your first steps in business and require a mobile app, here are the options you can consider:

1) App Constructor

If you do not want to dive into the details of development, but prefer ready-made solutions, then your way out is to use the constructor. Today there are many of them, so it will not be difficult to do something standard and uncomplicated for mobile traffic. If you need an interactive, cross-platform, and responsive application, then jQuery is your solution. A huge number of modules will allow you to implement any idea of your Drupal mobile app into life. Besides jQuery, you can also pay attention to the following constructors:

  • Xamarin — this constructor is not for beginners as it requires minimal knowledge of C#. It is suitable for applications on Android or iOS, and also contains useful internal metrics for tracking user behavior;
  • — is suitable for those who need a cross-platform and flexible solution. The main advantage of a constructor is the speed of app creation. It is well suited for working out the back-end solutions;
  • AppMachine — a well-known and time-tested app builder that offers native, cross-platform applications with good internal analytics. You can add push notifications, promote and test your app.

2) Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWA is a technology in web development, which helps you build a website visually and functionally resembling a mobile application, which will be displayed in a browser. PWA sites are built using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, so they look like a regular site, but interact with the visitor like a mobile application. Advanced functionality allows you to add a site or a separate page to the screen of any device, as well as send push notifications. PWA enables an application site to work offline. A good example is Google Docs — this is an online office, but with the ability to interact with it offline.

3) Individual Development

Taking into account all conditions and approaches, each business project is unique and cannot become No.1 thanks to standard strategies, so an individual approach is needed. This is especially true for applications needed for large organizations in the B2B sphere. If you require a solution for a large-scale business — consider individual development.

What approach appeals to you most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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