When it comes to ending your marriage, the first thing that you will have to think about is whether you need a lawyer for the divorce. The answer to this will depend on various factors, particularly your situation.

Generally, the less you rely on solving your issues through court, the better and easier the divorce will be. But it does not mean that you should without determining what you need. So do you really need a lawyer for a divorce? This article will help you make a wise decision.

You may not need a lawyer for a divorce

If both you and your spouse are ready to cooperate and are willing to resolve issues on your own, then you may not require help from the lawyer. Issues that usually put the spouses on edge are alimony, property division, child custody, and support payments. If you both work together through the divorce, then you will not have to pay for hiring a lawyer and thus save both money and time.

You will also have control over the issues that arise during the divorce process, and your children will also find it easier to adapt and have a smooth shift from living with two parents to living with one. So if both of you resolve issues on your own and settle on a middle ground, then you can easily get an uncontested divorce from the court.

Some states do not require you to appear in court for divorce finalization if you have shown that both of you have worked together and figured everything out. While in other states, you will have to appear in court hearings, especially where children are involved.

When you may need a lawyer for divorce

There are some situations in which the need for a lawyer arises during your divorce. You should hire a divorce lawyer in sugar land when

  • Your spouse is not willing to cooperate.
  • There are problems such as physical, mental, or verbal abuse or infidelity
  • You think your spouse is not telling the truth or lying to you
  • There are children involved
  • There are a lot of financial issues
  • Your spouse has also hired a lawyer

If you are unable to hire a lawyer due to your financial problems, you may be able to get free or less costly lawyers if you qualify.

If you fear hostility from your spouse

If you fear aggression or domestic violence from your spouse, then you should protect yourself and get a lawyer as soon as possible. If you think that your spouse is capable of harming you, your children, or your property, then it is important for your safety that you get a restraining order against your spouse. Then only can you take your children with you to safety; otherwise, you can be accused of kidnapping the children. Getting help from a lawyer and filing for divorce and spousal support as soon as possible is important for you.


So if by reading this you believe that you need a lawyer, then hire one as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you regarding complex problems of property division, alimony, child custody, and support payments. It is always advisable that you consult with a lawyer and have them look at your agreement even if you and your spouse have figured everything out. They will ensure that important issues are not overlooked, and your interest and rights are protected.

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