Whether you are traveling on the road, on air, or just out and about touring yourself around a new city, making some nutritional sacrifices is inevitable.

You’ll be faced with a lot of convenience stores, fast-food chains, pharmacies, one-stop gasoline shops, and so on that could take a balanced meal off the table.

However, if you are one of the people who still find that one nutritious food you can pick out of a hundred unhealthy ones, then coming here is a great choice. We created a few basic tips that can help you stay on track with your healthy diet, anytime and anywhere.

Let’s try to eat healthy while keeping an eye on portion sizes and balancing meals with the following tips whenever and wherever you are!

Convenience Store

Most convenience stores have deli counters where you can pick some ready-made and surprisingly healthy sandwiches. You can choose a well-balanced portion of bread, veggies, with meat and get a full serving out of it.

If this is still not enough to satisfy you, you may opt to choose portioned meals and ask for a handful of veggies while you’re at it too. Take some black coffee or cold water and tada! You are full.

One-Stop Gasoline Station Shops


There are only a few gasoline stations that have stocks of fresh food, and if you encounter one then it is your best day on the road!

Being on the road makes it a little bit difficult to find something healthy and balanced at the same time. It can be tough to find some fruits, veggies, or even a decent mix of healthy salad at stores found on the road.

Locating a one-stop gasoline station shop that has refrigerator cases filled with fresh food and decent salads could turn out to be a savior for you. You can surprisingly pick out some healthy snacks from the rack like hummus, granola bars, wheat bread, pretzel cup, high-fiber multigrain chips, beef jerky, and so on.

Other gasoline stations may also have some vendors outside their stores with a nice selection of fruits, nuts, trail mix, and more.

Fast Food Chains


If you are in a new city and still unsure about what to eat, you may opt for fast food chains. Although most fast foods are selling hamburgers, oily chicken combo, seemingly unhealthy mix of meal plates, locating fast-food chains that sell decent veggie burgers and salad are also just around the corner.

You may have never really noticed but you can get a nice, healthy combo of chicken, veggies, and salad that is enough to satisfy you and even promote a well-balanced diet. At some joints, you may opt to choose a good combination of protein and fiber. This can help you stay on your feet longer.



Most pharmacies nowadays do not only sell medications and such, there are times that the pharmacy you’ll be into is a place where you can find a good selection of fresh food, sandwiches, salads, and veggies.

Look for a balanced meal with protein, veggies, and a fruit cup. If you stumbled upon it on breakfast, pick out some yogurt, granola bars, or some smoothies.

If you are in a pinch, grab some nutritional supplement shakes that are an all-in-one drink meal to suffice your angry tummy. You may also take some varieties sweetened with sugar to alter your appetite for the next step you’re about to make.

Fast-Casual Restaurants

In fast-casual restaurants, they do not offer full table service. Although it advertises higher quality food with less frozen or processed ingredients, finding a meal for two can be pretty much overwhelming.

Here’s the catch, even with the restaurant serving you a handful of meals good for two, ask for an extra plate and serve yourself a portion of protein, some starch, veggies, plus a serving of fruits.

Take a break, sip in some water, and assess your fullness. You don’t want to starve yourself by serving only a half-full plate. Once you are already full, pack the leftovers to go. It could last you throughout the day.

Grocery Stores


Out of all the listed places you can find anywhere and anytime, finding a well-balanced meal is a piece of cake in grocery stores. Many have deli counters that allow you to make and choose from a variety of veggies and meat that you may want to incorporate into your sandwich.

You can also find some snacks that you can buy to stuff you on your long road journey. For to-go food, opt for that which is packed by a trusted plastic pouch manufacturer as you’re guaranteed it will last longer without spoilage. Not only are these convenient, but they also provide great storage for your food.

If you are at a deli counter, take some containers, pack them half-full with veggies and some meat. You may also add in some fruits to complete the course of your well-balanced meal.

Another thing about grocery stores is that you can DIY sandwich mixes of your choice – take some freshly baked wheat bread, add some cheese, veggies, meat, and some salsa or hummus dippings.

You’re now good to go!



Eating a well-balanced meal can be pretty much challenging especially if you are out in a new city and much more on the road traveling.

The key to eating healthy is finding the right amount of calorie intake or the right portion size that you can have. It is also about taking care of your body and discipline.

You do not have to stay religious to the healthy selections and avoid picking your favorite ones. Instead, you can pick out a day and spoil yourself with those.

Eating healthy anywhere and anytime is a choice. Make your healthy choice, not an option but an opportunity to become a better version of yourself.

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