When it comes to living an off-grid life, the chance to create your very own off-grid settlement is a dream that many share. It is a chance to create a community, unfettered from the rest of society. It is an opportunity to raise your family away from the craziness of modern society. Before you even think of creating a settlement though, it is important that you have a plan. You could not just go into the wilderness and start a settlement there. Here are 7 essentials for creating an off-grid settlement.

You Should Own the Property you are Building On

If you are planning on building an off-grid settlement, you should build it on land that you own. You don’t want to build your home on unclaimed land, only to have the local authorities tell you to move out because someone else owns it. This will not only cause you legal problems in the future, it will also weigh on your mind the whole time you are living there.

A Dependable Water Source

Aside from owning the land you are living on, it is also important that it has a dependable water source. It should be near to a river or at least has water running underneath it. If it does, you could dig a well. Remember that water is the most important substance in the world. You could live a few weeks without food, but only a few days without water.

It is even better if your settlement is situated near a running river. Ever since the first cities were established by the Sumerians thousands of years ago, settlements were always built near running water. They are a great source of food, because fish usually live in running water. Running water is also a lot cleaner, because bacteria and parasites don’t thrive as much in running water compared to stagnant water.

Arable Land

When it comes to establishing a self-sustaining settlement, the quality of soil is essential. Remember that the very first civilizations were built on arable land. If your settlement is not built on arable land, it will be impossible to cultivate your crops, and you won’t be able to feed yourselves should winter come.

It will also be very difficult to raise livestock because they won’t have any vegetation to feed on. Overall, before you choose any property to build your settlement on, you should make sure the land is arable.

Building Equipment

If you are going to live apart from modern civilization, you should make sure that you bring building equipment. This type of equipment includes a blacksmith forge and master molds to produce essential tools and implements.

You will need a blacksmith’s forge because you will need to create building equipment such as nails, screws and hammers. You will also need to bring a master mold, because you will need to create components for your home such as door knobs and door hinges. Companies such as RYD specialize in plastic injection tooling, and they could provide you with the best molding options possible to ease and speed up your building objectives.

Sustainable energy sources

Although it is a good idea to divest your settlement of the modern fixtures of civilization,you should not forego the more essential ones such as electricity. While it might seem like a good idea to live without electricity during the warmer months such as spring and summertime, you’ll be shocked at how cold wintertime gets. So make it a priority to bring a sustainable source of energy for your settlement. It is a good idea to bring a generator and solar panels with you.


Aside from farming implements, it is also important that you bring livestock with you. They are not only great beasts of burden, they are also a potent source of protein, especially during wintertime. Your main livestock should be cattle, swine, and poultry. Cattle such as cows and bulls are great sources of meat, however, their greatest asset will always be their milk. If you have a cow with you, you are always assured of having fresh milk. Swine is also a great form of livestock because they provide abundant meat that is rich in fat. They are also.relatively easy to maintain.

Poultry such as chickens and ducks are also a great source of protein, and they have the ability to lay eggs, which could increase your food supply immensely.

Hunting Gear

Although livestock is a great way to provide your family with fresh meat, there will be times where you won’t be able to spare your farm animals. By bringing along hunting gear, you will be able to hunt for your food. The area is usually filled with a lot of wild game that you could hunt. Depending on your area, there might be wild deer, goats,elk, or even boar.

Having a firearm with you is also a great way to protect your settlement. Remember that you are living off grid, so you will need the ability to protect yourself, and your family. You never know if a wild animal such as a bear or wild cat might try to get inside your home. This could also be said for people with malicious intent. You don’t really have access to a phone, nor are there any local authorities that could reach you in case of emergency. So having a firearm could really save your life in the long run.


If you are going to build an off-grid settlement, it is very important that you have a strategy. It might seem a romantic notion, however, if you move your family and friends into the middle of nowhere, you might starve to death if you don’t have a plan. With these tips, you’ll be able to set up a truly sustainable off-grid settlement.

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