Gaming is becoming a big business in India across the board. The star of the show is mobile app gaming, but there’s also a place for the more premium venture of PC gaming, as well as iGaming. Online gambling platforms that host table games, card games, and slots continue to draw the attention of Indian gamers.

Now, having implemented a very popular classic game with the betting games, there’s a chance that bingo betting could well break out in India. It may not be as intense as Battlegrounds Mobile India, but it certainly ticks several boxes to become a big hit.

Betting on the classic game of numbered balls

Among all other gambling games, bingo is best described as the low-bet, casual form of entertainment medium. However, that’s all starting to change on the bingo betting site, with varied ticket prices allowing for bigger bets and, subsequently, larger jackpots. Deal Or No Deal Bingo 75 has been seen to have a jackpot of £10,540, and Cash Cubes has tickets priced at 50p per ticket – which adds up for multi-ticket plays.

Now, it’s not just the bigger jackpots and stakes that make new online bingo games different from the classic form of the game. The bingo betting site has also integrated a boatload of the most popular online slots for further small-stake bets. The likes of Fishin’ Frenzy and Slots O’ Gold have been known by online casino spinners for years, and now they can be bet on alongside bingo.

Other super slots like Rick and Morty Wubba Wubba Dub Dub!! and Fruity Burst further builds on the betting opportunities associated with this new look of bingo betting, but they’re not the only additions. The online bingo gambling market is set to hit $128.3 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 11.2 percent over the next six years, and this is being bolstered by bingo being integrated into total betting platforms, so that one account can bet on bingo, slots, and also sports.

From Tambola to online betting bingo

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Bingo’s already a very popular game in India, going by the name Tambola or Tombola instead. The British name for the lottery game more commonly refers to the popular potato crisps brand Bingo! In any case, bingo, Tambola, and Tombola are all the same game: you have a sheet of numbers that you dab off as numbered balls are called to see if you can land a line, two lines, a house, or a full house to win a prize.

Still, it’s very much considered a casual game and doesn’t have the widespread, mainstream appeal as many other newer forms of gaming or entertainment do in India. The reason why betting bingo online might just make the breakthrough is that betting is very popular in India. This year, daily fantasy sports have exploded, with there already being some 170 percent more gamers than in 2021.

Tambola has classic ties, an appeal of simple fun, and is well-known across the country, but it’s betting that’s proving to be the more popular form of gambling. So, a site that brings it altogether might just have the broad appeal needed to make bingo mainstream among Indian gamers.

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