This article talks about top 10 metal detecting apps for android in 2020. Some of the below-mentioned apps are only for android users but few of them are also available of iOS devices, i.e on Apple Store.

Smartphones are an asset to humans but their benefits are just not limited to phone calls or entertainment. Did you know that we can also use our devices to find items that we have lost? Yes, we can always use the flashlight of our phones, but there are metal detecting apps available that help you find all your valuable items in no time. But now again the question is, out of so many apps which one is the best?

If you have the right app for detecting metals then losing can be fun. So we have created a list of best metal detecting apps for Android and iOS for you.

10 Best Metal Detecting Apps for Android 2021

We drop a lot of items that we cannot spot in the darkness or in between big hurdles. And so to catch hold of our small items like needles, pins, and keys, these metal detecting apps will help you.

Basically, there are two categories of apps available that help you detect metals around you.

  1. Apps that give additional value while detecting-For example, some apps give you maps and sometimes even old maps for some particular places to help you find items that you’ve lost.
  2. Apps that make your device mini metal-detector-Such apps when you install on your device beeps as soon as you get your phone near to a metallic item.

Best Metal Detector App by Dexati

The Metal Detector App by Dexati has somewhat revolutionized the concept of finding metals near you with the help of mobile apps. If you install this app on your phone, then it turns your device into an actual detecting machine. The magnetic sensor follows the magnetic field of the Earth to detect any kind of metal around you.

One drawback of the app is that you cannot use it close to any electronic device like television, computer as it will interfere with the app’s magnetic sensor and thus its readings. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

Wire Metal Detector

In most places digging into the ground is not permissible because you can accidentally cut out a wire or line. And so in such cases, this app comes into play. Wire Metal Detector app is available for free for Android platforms.

This app finds underground wires at a distance of about 5 inches i.e., 12cm. apart from detecting power lines, it also makes use of the magnetic field sensor of your phone to detect the metallic items near you. So now you can detect the power lines within the ground and understand when the actual detector is picking up signals from the metallic items within the lines and giving false signals.

Best Metal Detector

So the next metal detecting app already has the best word in it, and so I had to be in our list. Best Metal Detector is an easy to use Android metal detector app that you can download from the Play Store for free.

The presence of any metal around you will result in a change in the value of the magnetic field in the app. There are various options available like changing the colour to red or blue to make the search enjoyable. You can even mute the sound or keep the phone on vibration for searching secretively. The app uses colourful graphs to direct you to the lost metallic item.

Metal Detector by Smart Tools

Every android device comes with an internal magnetic sensor and by installing an app helps you activate it. This MD app works on the same line as the previous app by Dexati. In combination with a companionable magnetometer, it detects magnetic fields easily and helps you spot the lost metals.

The app has been rated decently by most of the users especially for the detection of small things like keys and pins. Apart from metals some claim that it can detect ghosts too, but we definitely do not agree with this. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Metal Detector by Rayyan

This next metal detecting app for Android devices is by Rayyan. Metal Detector is a very intuitive app with a user-friendly interface. The app is available in digital as well as analog form. So the app has been set to a default value and as you cross a metal item or it identifies one, the value changes.

The app comes with customizable features. So if you are on a secretive search you can change the settings of the sound of the alarm or put it to a vibration mode. The app is available for free, and you can download it easily from the Play Store.

Metal Detector by Horizons Aviation

This next app is called the Metal Detector by Horizons Aviation. Just like the other apps, this application helps you detect the metals around you. But its services are not limited to just finding the item, but it also tells you about the size of the item, whether it is small or large.

According to the intensity of the metal, you will observe a green line on the graph going up or down. You can estimate the size and location of the metal with the change in the pitch of the tracing line colour.

Gold and Metal Detector HD

The most nerve-racking situation happens when we lose our valuable jewel-like gold ring or pendant. And so if you are one of those people who misplace your items quite often, then the Gold and Metal Detector HD app will help you find your gold jewellery and even other metals like silver or electric wires.

Also if you get hold of any metal then this app also tells you about the amount of gold present in the metal. And the value will automatically go to the zero if there is no gold present around you. The app uses digits, charts, arrow-pointers and sounds to show the results.

Metal Detector by Netigen

This is another metal detector app for Android that changes its EMF value on detection of metal. Metal Detector by Netigen app has got decent ratings by the users. It produces graphs that point towards the direction of the metal.

Just like the other apps, you can set the alarm and vibration mode of the app according to the situation. The app is available for free with some in-app purchases from Google Play Store.

Metal Detector- Scanner for Body

The next app is Metal Detector- Scanner for Body which detects the metals hidden in bags, walls, pockets and grounds. It is a professional metal detecting app that easily identifies any kind of metals from copper to steel, gold or iron.

The app comes with some amazing tools and so you will be able to win every treasure hunt and become the archaeologist of your locality.

Metal Detector by RZTech

Created by RZTech, this Metal Detector app is designed for the Android platform to help users locate the items that they have lost in the least time possible. The magnetic value changes and alarm rings and vibrates as soon as you get close to the metal.

According to your need, you can set the beep as well as sound levels of the app. One interesting feature of the application is that it is available in different languages. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store.

Wrapping Up – Best Metal Detecting Apps

We hope that we could bring you the best metal detecting apps for Android devices. You can go ahead with any of these apps and make your treasure hunt even more fun. If you are using any other application then share it with us in the comment section.


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