The goal of owning a business is to generate income, so it makes sense to save money wherever possible when it comes to maximizing profits. 

For businesses that own heavy equipment, there’s already a significant amount of revenue budgeted towards purchasing and maintaining that equipment. Moving that equipment can be costly. If you move it infrequently between sites, owning a fleet of trucks with adequate towing capacity is an unnecessary financial burden of business. 

It can also be time-consuming to organize the logistical side of moving equipment. Where will you park the towing equipment when it isn’t in use? Many companies don’t have a yard large enough to store additional idle equipment for periods.

If any of that applies to your business, you might consider using a company that rents trucks for your company’s towing needs. 

Why Rent VS. Buy?

The average cost of vehicle ownership is nearly $10,000 a year, and that’s for a commuter car. When you factor in the size of the vehicle needed to tow heavy equipment, you’re looking at thousands of dollars more. 

Take a look at a 2500 diesel pickup truck, for example. The average cost of a car this size is $45,000. If you use it to travel roughly 1,000 miles a week, which can quickly happen when using these vehicles on construction sites or for towing, that’s almost $1,000 a month on fuel. Throw in insurance for $150, and don’t forget maintenance. Fuel filters and oil changes on diesel trucks run about $450 every 5,000 miles, and tires will need to be replaced every 50,000 miles at about $1,000. 

That’s over $2,000 a month for one vehicle. I suppose you could use the same truck and trailer to haul all of your equipment, but that isn’t very cost-effective. 

This seems like an unnecessary expense if you don’t use these towing vehicles regularly. 

For example, a landscaping company moves its equipment daily, so investing in its fleet makes sense, but what if you own a commercial construction and excavation business, where bulldozers and backhoes stay on a site for months at a time? Are you prepared to pay thousands of dollars a month for the towing vehicle to sit unused? 

You only pay the rental fee when you rent a heavy-duty truck with towing capacity from a fleet rental company. Something breaks? Not your problem. Only need it for a day or two? Have it delivered to your job site and picked up when you’re done. 

Another advantage to using a fleet rental service is that they’ll do all the groundwork for you. You tell them what you need to haul, and they will help with the following.

  • Choosing The Right Size Truck

Every truck has a different towing capacity, and using one that isn’t strong enough can cause catastrophic damage to both the towing vehicle and the equipment. Tell them what you need, and they’ll take the guesswork out of it. 

  • Towing Knowledge

When you rent through a fleet service, you should expect them to offer towing and safety tips to help ensure your equipment arrives safely to its destination. They can help you choose the proper hitch size, check your tire pressure, and show you how to strap gear to the trailer properly. 

  • Pick Up and Drop Off

Aside from cost savings, one of the most significant advantages is that a fleet rental company will deliver the vehicle to your location and arrange for it to be picked up when you get to your next destination. If you use company-owned cars, those vehicles still need to be paid for when they’re not used to tow equipment. Renting means you only pay for the time used. You also avoid the logistical headaches that accompany organizing transport.

  • What About The Trailer?

True, you can’t get your equipment from point A to point B without a flatbed trailer to haul it. Not only do fleet rental companies provide towing vehicles, but they can also provide trailers. Knowing what you’re towing, the rental company will show up as ordered with the proper size vehicle and trailer. 

If your company moves heavy equipment infrequently, it may not benefit your bottom dollar to invest in your fleet. Using a fleet rental service saves you money and saves you time. With a simple phone call and your needs, the order can be promptly delivered. Save yourself the money and logistical headaches and see if a rental company is for you!

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