A lot of new trends came out of the pandemic. We’re shopping more online, watching more online, and we stared at four walls for almost two years, getting thoroughly sick of it. That is to say, there were a lot of refurbishments going on as lockdown progressed and as they were lifted as people started getting more ideas on what to do with their spaces, but there was one resounding demand: more color!

We all have too many rented flats that are colored white to please all tenants, showrooms that are bland white to appease all customers, or “high end” interior design trends that are so stark white they’d give you a headache. But by appeasing everyone, stylists have appeased no one and now people are looking to add color to their cabinets, to their wood flooring, and to anything else that will make a splash.

Does that sound like you? If so, take a look at our guide to adding color to your kitchen.

Refinish the floors

If you’re looking to put down a new floor, consider parquet flooring. You can have it in solid wood, laminate click-in-place, vinyl, or any other type of flooring. The key to parquet flooring is the pattern, and there are no rules there beyond repetition. You can make a gorgeous flooring pattern out of wood in different tones, or entirely different colors. It adds a hint of sophistication for an instant upgrade to your kitchen.

If you have solid wood floors there might be a simple solution to gaining a change and restoring their former glory: refinishing. You can have your solid wood floors sanded down and revarnished. You can choose whatever shade of varnish you prefer, which means you can add a drastic new color to your kitchens, like a light birch or deep mahogany. Plus, all those scratches and warps from being in a humid and steam-filled busy room will be buffed away.

Paint the cabinets

Painting the cabinets is a very easy way of adding a lot of color to your kitchen, and a great way of making a statement. You need only detach them, sand them, and paint them. You might want a layer of primer on their first and you will need a couple of layers of paint, but when you attach them again, you will have a new stylish kitchen. And it didn’t take pulling apart the kitchen to do it. In fact, it might not even take hired help.

Plus, just about every shade and tone of paint are in right now. You can go for a warm peachy pink, deep navy blue, or even a matte black.

To take it a step further, you can replace all the metal in the room with something shinier, like the handles and the sink. If you have decades-old boring handles, consider replacing them with something copper, brass, or gold for a change. This trend of precious metal handles has caused a lot of sinks to also come out to match. You can get yourself a copper, brass, or even gold sink to go with the rest of the metal in the room and brighten up your kitchen.

Update those tiles

Are you maybe looking at the backsplash in your kitchen and wondering who picked something so boring? The standard, again, is white, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are loads of tile colors hitting the market, from solid stone grey to deep Art Deco teal.

And no one is telling you to stick to one color either. You can add patterned tiles, random flecks, mosaic tiles, etc. All of these options will add a severely needed injection of color to the room. The good thing here is that, unless your kitchen is entirely tiled, which can also be trendy, it won’t overpower the rest of the room. It can be an extra pop of color.

Take it a step further and cover your kitchen island with them, for a co-ordinated statement, if the backsplash alone isn’t getting the effect you’re looking for.

And don’t forget to top it all off with some superior lighting to really make the colors pop.

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