The pandemic of the past year and a half has instigated many seismic shifts. With more and more people getting used to working from home, many individuals have seen this self-management and reliance on digital communication as an opportunity. Instead of thinking of eventually returning to the office environment, they’re discovering their inner entrepreneur. If you’ve always fancied setting up a business, one industry with a lot of scope is online dating. Here’s we’ll provide basic pointers about starting a matchmaking platform from scratch.

Choose your niche

Singles looking for a partner are coming at this from a bewildering number of angles. So your first decision needs to be, which customers are you going to target? You might try launching a generic site, but this is already a highly competitive marketplace. A recommendation would be focusing on a niche area, like platforms that specializes on dating women over 40 for instance. This would be an ideal choice because mature singles represent a potentially large demographic, and it’s an area where you could apply some imagination in your design and branding to create a unique outlet. There are many misconceptions about middle-aged and older people when it comes to dating, especially in the context of modern technology.  But people in their 40-50s are more proficient users of web-based dating technologies than they are given credit for. If you can produce something that stands out from your competitors, you’ll have taken a big step towards making your business a success.

Develop your site

The good news for anyone aspiring to manage a dating site is that you don’t need to know too much about the technical aspects of web development. Once upon a time, building a website required in-depth knowledge of computer coding such as HTML and java. Nowadays, there are platforms offering templates that allow sites to be put together without needing expertise. WordPress even offers bespoke designs specifically for dating outlets, complete with handy add-ons and plugins, including facilities for managing payments. The key isn’t necessarily how well your pages are constructed, as the template will have covered this already. It’s how you customize these to make them fit in with your brand, and be attractive to customers.

Consider the monetizing aspect

Firstly, some disappointing news. A high percentage of online business ventures rarely survive beyond the first three months or so. The good news is that the demand for new dating sites is sky high, with no sign of this insatiable desire fading anytime soon! The next question is how are you going to tap into this captive audience? You’ll have to decide which aspects of your website will be free, and which features will require customers to take out a subscription? It would be a good idea to offer free registration and profile building to entice newcomers, then charge a fee for accessing your premium communication options. Whatever financial transacting software you deploy must be tested robustly. If you gain a reputation for glitches when people are inputting credit card details, your customer base will shrink.

Integrate social media

Not so long ago, any type of commercial enterprise, online or offline, would devote a considerable portion of its budget towards marketing. The advent of social media means you can rely on free advertising. By integrating the appropriate share buttons, you can encourage customers to spread the news. Invite reviews of your services, which can then snowball as they are disseminated through individual social channels.

Reach out for support

Any new business, regardless of the subject matter, can turn to many areas for support. Because the dating industry has been buoyant for such a long time, a spot of Googling will provide access to a lot of useful background information about running any form of e-commerce enterprise. Guidance will be available on everything from web design to suggestions about continually refreshing your content to maintain customer interest.

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