Since online platforms for wholesale shopping have emerged, shopping for wholesale has drastically changed. If before, wholesale shoppers had to scavenge the market for the best brick-and-mortar wholesale shopping stores, now, they can simply purchase goods from online stores, just like how the usual online shopping goes.

There are several platforms over the Internet that cater to wholesale shoppers, and one of these is GoBiz USA. Aside from providing a platform where to shop wholesale, GoBiz USA also offers a membership deal where members receive access to early-release products, faster shipping times, discounted rates, credit lines, and a whole lot more. Isn’t that superb? You can go to GoBizUSA FREE Business Member Registration to sign up for the membership.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the membership perks at GoBiz USA. But first, what is GoBiz USA all about?

What Is GoBiz USA All About?

GoBiz USA is a globally-driven, United States-based service platform and marketplace created to help new entrepreneurs and consumers navigate through the challenges of launching a business, structuring, and scaling their operations by providing them with high-quality products and state-of-the-art resources.

GoBiz USA has the power to save you time and money by providing you access to an extensive range of products and services via an easy-to-navigate dashboard. This platform is your enhanced, cost-effective supply chain designed for small businesses, dropship eCommerce stores, and large enterprises.

With quality-controlled products, expedited fulfillment times, and reliable customer service, everybody using GoBiz USA can count on this platform for an unparalleled experience, from purchase to delivery. Choosing GoBiz USA for your wholesale needs will provide you with the products as described, timely shipping, and a team of specialists who will help you with time-tested and proven tools in the expansion of your business.

GoBiz USA members are allowed with net 30 terms and long-term contracts to try their products confidently and pay later since they believe in the tenets of customer satisfaction.

Orders will be received within two to five business days, as all its products are at their local warehouses in the United States. Its partner, FedEx, delivers within this time frame, so there is no need to worry about chasing deadlines.

Aside from providing you with an economical and timely solution for all your needs, GoBiz USA is also aimed at reducing the supply chain carbon footprint. This is why it eliminates unnecessary product routing as it dropships directly to the business or customer. Through increasing economic productivity going from the manufacturer or source to the customer, it limits touch points that add costs to the products.

Several tools and perks are available for members, from early-release products to credit lines, plus so much more.

Having What Other Vendors Don’t Offer

GoBiz USA takes pride in having something that other vendors do not offer. What is this? Their calculated dashboard. This dashboard allows you to quickly and easily sell your products. Its partnership with Oracle NetSuite provides their product vendor partners with an impactful and self-sufficient tool.

This tool will drive better sales, easier product management, and a top-of-the-line reporting system. For their B2B customers, they are capable of offering product specifications and flexible pricing. These customers can issue a request for a quote or RFQ from multiple vendors, determine a bidding period, study the submitted proposals, and choose the deal that is right for your budget.

Plus, if you see a product you are interested in, GoBiz USA can help you white label it so you can make it your own and sell it. Full service, it is.

But wait, there are more. GoBiz USA is the go-to marketplace for business owners and customers since they get cash back on their essentials with free shipping and lots of membership perks.

The Product Catalogs At GoBiz USA

GoBiz USA’s marketplace consists of thousands of high-end packaged consumer goods, available in both small and large quantities, all situated in the United States. Its partnership with FedEx allows them to offer free shipping on orders $50 or more, so you save when you shop wholesale.

All products are checked personally for quality before shipment. So, suppose you manage an eCommerce dropship company. In that case, you are rest assured that your customers will receive your products that meet their satisfaction.

GoBiz USA has the following categories:

  • Home goods – Kitchen and dining, bedding, décor, mats, storage and organization, and more
  • Lawn and garden – Pots and planters, tools, ladders, step stools, outdoor living, and more
  • Shipping supplies – Boxes, envelopes, and more
  • Sporting goods – Yoga mats, and more
  • Health and beauty – Personal care, vitamins and supplements, personal protective equipment or PPEs, and more
  • Computers and accessories – Computer chassis, mouse and keyboards, gaming chairs, gaming desks, gaming headsets, and more.

Becoming A Member At GoBiz USA

GoBiz USA is known for leveraging a membership for entrepreneurs looking to buy wholesale goods. Members gain access to a solid product portfolio, which you learned about a while ago, from home goods to computers and accessories.

Membership perks include net 30 terms; wholesale pricing on all products; products available in single units, cases, packs, truckloads, and pallets; four percent cash back on all purchases from GoBiz USA; and free shipping on orders more than $50.

Once a business signs up for membership, GoBiz USA leverages machine learning. This then curates customized wholesale shopping details based on the information collated on the partner’s membership application. It also suggests products and services that match your needs.

On the vendor’s side, GoBiz USA aims to reimagine how today’s marketplaces work. Instead of devising a race to the bottom wherein vendors are constantly asked to offer discounts, and only those with the lowest prices thrive, creating a very unsustainable business model for sellers, this platform structures a healthy marketplace that encourages healthy competition among vendors.

Conquering the challenges of wholesale shopping and emerging from its pitfalls are now more vivid than before. Choosing GoBiz USA for your wholesale shopping is indeed the best choice you will ever make. What are you waiting for? Be a member now at GoBiz USA!

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