Your phone makes it easy to gain access to you. When your phone rings, you expect that your family, friends, and business colleagues are calling. However, your phones often ring, and the long numbers on the screen make you wonder who is calling me.

Often, unknown numbers are from telemarketers seeking to sell you something. Other times, your preferred callers may call from new numbers. In these cases, you do not know your caller. Consequently, you may miss an important call.

Here are the five best apps to figure out who called me.

  • WhoseNumber – the best overall
  • WhoCallMe – for a safe and confidential search
  • WhatIsThisNumber – best for all types of unknown numbers
  • Truecaller – to find out and block nuisance numbers
  • CIA – gives you caller details as you call

Here are the five best apps to figure out who called me.

WhoseNumber – Best Overall

If you are tired of unknown numbers calling your phone, WhoseNumber is what you need. It is an easy-to-use website that helps you quickly find out whose calling your number. Find your unknown caller’s identity within minutes of logging on to the site. 

Enter the unknown number in the space provided and press enter. In a few seconds, the site searches through publicly available contact records to find your caller. It looks at social media platforms, government databases, search engines, and other online phone directories to look for the offending phone number.

On finding the caller’s identity, WhoseNumber provides you with a detailed background check report. It will inform you of the services and products of the company and its location. It utilizes area codes to find the address of the caller. 

Try it out here to find out how easy and secure it is to use WhoseNumber. The platform is encrypted to maintain the privacy of your searches. Additionally, it has a helpful support team available 24/7 if you need assistance. 

WhoseNumber ensures that you have peace of mind. It protects you from stalkers, helps you avoid telemarketers, and lets you know when to call back. When you screen your calls with WhoseNumber, you are sure who is calling you. 

WhoseNumber relies on a technique known as reverse phone lookup. It helps you to decide if you want to call the number after you get an identity. 

Who Call Me

WhoCallMe is another ideal app to figure out who called me. You can use it on any device as long as it has an internet connection. It has a simple design to ease navigation and allow more people to use it.

When you search for an unknown number on Who Call Me, you can get a name and email address in seconds. It offers you a secure and confidential way to search unknown numbers. 

Who Call Me has access to many online databases to get the identity of telemarketers that call you. You can use call-blocking apps to ensure they do not call. It helps you save time and gain control over your phone.

What Is This Number

WhatIsThisNumber is a web app that assists you in finding the caller Id when you have an unknown missed call. It will give you the name of the number that is registered. You can use it to get caller IDs for personal cell phone numbers, business landlines, VOIP calls, and toll-free numbers. It is free and offers unlimited searches.


A popular caller identification app is Truecaller. It was developed over a decade ago and is among the most downloaded apps. Besides helping you identify unsaved numbers, it has other functions on your device. You can use it as a dialler and send SMS messages. 

When you get a call from a number not saved in your contacts, Truecaller searches through its database for it. It will then display the identity of the caller before you answer. It ensures that you know your caller before you answer the phone. 

The Truecaller app has a list of known telemarketers. It blocks their calls whenever they try to call you. You can also set it to block any calls from numbers not in your contact list. 

Download the app on all your devices. It is easy to use and lightweight enough to consume little space on your device. 

The app will screen and warn you if an incoming call is from a scam artist or a telemarketing entity. You can choose to pick up or ignore the call. 

Besides providing caller identity, you can use the app in emergencies. It can display your location that you may need to share with the emergency services you contact. 


Another app that can help you identify unknown incoming calls to your phone number is CIA. As the name suggests, it uses advanced technology to do what it promises. 

The CIA app screens and blocks unwanted calls. It relies on a database of over 1 million phone numbers of telemarketers entities and scam callers. If you download the CIA app onto your device, it will ensure you will never get a nuisance call from any of the numbers in its database. 

If you have a missed call from an unknown number, the CIA app can help. Enter the number in the given space, and it will provide the identity and location of your caller. 

Additionally, if you call a company and they do not pick up your call, it will provide you with alternatives. It will also give you their phone numbers, location, and website.

There are many apps you can use to figure out who called me. WhoseNumber is secure, flexible, and easy to use. You can access it on your phone or any other device with an internet connection. It is safe to use and provides an intensive report on the caller’s identity. Do not answer nuisance calls or miss important calls. 

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