In today’s world, where email marketing has reached heights and you just cannot do without the same, it is very important to have the best quality email spam checker tool on your device. Without these tools, you can face issues with the deliverability rates of your email. In the article, I am going to tell you about the 5 best email spam checker tools in 2021. 

But first, we will see the basic introduction of the same. So, what is the Email spam checker tool? 

What is The Email Spam Checker Tool?

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An email spam checker tool is an online program that you can use to detect the spam in your emails. You can not only detect the problems but, there are ways to resolve them as well. The tool ensures that your email does not have any issues before sending them. What is the benefit of doing that? Your email will not go into the spam box. Isn’t it great? The better tool you use, the chances of “not” going into the spam box are better. 

How does it work?

There are various aspects on which an email spam checker tool has to work to make sure your email becomes spam-free. Let us see those aspects one by one. 

  1. What would you do if your domain name is found blacklisted? The results are harsh. It would automatically lower your deliverability rates. The open rates can also get affected at high rates. And, it may happen that you do not even know that your email has been blacklisted. So, what do these spam checker tools do? They will tell you about the same. You will definitely have to take the essential steps and the tool will help you with the same.
  2. Do you know what the process of breaking down the open rates is called? It is called Email analytics. With these analytics, you will be able to know the number of people who open your email. Obviously, you can perform better when you have the idea of the email response time, number of clicks, etc.
  3. For a better success rate, the tool will also tell you about the best time to send the emails. Email analytics are a sure thing to know and understand for a successful email marketing campaign.
  4. There is another feature that really means a lot. It is called the reputation tracking feature. With the help of this, you can track the reputation of your IP as well as rank it well. There are many factors that may affect the reputation of your IPs such as spam complaints and blacklists.
  5. If you are sending emails to inactive subscribers, then it can also ruin your reputation. So, try using the email spam checker tool that has the best reputation tracking system.
  6. What will happen to your emails after sending them? Your spam checker tool will do it for you. You will also get the idea of how your subscribers are getting involved with your emails. Obviously, you are ensuring 100% secure and high-quality content in your emails. But, still, sometimes, a human mistake can happen and as a result, your email may be flagged.

And, this is definitely not good for your reputation. These are some of the very important features that your email spam checker tool must-have. The features are essential and you must not miss these points to consider before going for any of the email spam checker tools in 2020. 

Now, after knowing the basic tasks that email spam checker tools provide, you must consider the importance for the same. You may have been thinking, “yes, these are the tasks that my tool is performing but, why is it performing such tasks?” so, we will look forward to answering this important question in your mind.

Importance of the email spam checker tools 

As we have already seen the way in which these tools act for you. But, how does it benefit you?

Your deliverability rates get increased

Yes, if you are using an apt tool for your email marketing campaign, nobody can stop you from getting good rates of deliverability. 

Your IP reputation gets high

What can you do in the industry without a good IP reputation? Try the tools to make sure you get the best level of IP reputation.

You won’t get blacklisted

It is really not cool if people or your subscribers consider the emails from your company as spam. So, you can help yourself out while using a good tool.

Now, we have reached the part where I am going to suggest to you the best 5 email spam checker tools. 

1. eDataSource – The best Email spam checker tool

At the top, we have the eDataSource on our list. If you want to focus on email deliverability then, this option has no alternative. It works best when it comes to deliverability rates. The tool will show you the report in which you can get the information about the email campaign in detail such as, the number of sent campaigns and delivered campaigns. 

For more information about this tool, you can visit this link,

2. G-LockApps

 After getting this tool, you do not have to worry about spam at all. It filters the emails and checks for spam in a fast as well as strict manner. After that it finds the solution to fix it at the same time. You can get the app easily. The app is considered one of the best choices when it comes to spam filtering. 

For more information about this tool, you can visit this link,

3. ReachMail

This tool will ensure your sent emails. As the name suggests, after sending an email, it will tell you whether it has reached the destination successfully or not. See, you already know that in email campaigning, it is really necessary to know the delivery details and this tool does the same. Sometimes, your email can reach the outbox or the junk folder. And you must know that. 

For more information about this tool, you can visit this link,

4. MailMonitor – The smart Email spam checker

As the name suggests, the tool monitors all the activities of your emails which is definitely highly beneficial for your email marketing. Know the best and accurate activity of your emails such as the delivery rates, time and if there are any issues. Yes, this is the best part that you can find as well as resolve all the issues that you are finding through this tool so, it is like a one-step solution. 

For more information about this tool, you can visit this link,

5. SendForensics

Lastly, I have this tool called SendForensics for you. You can find many big names in the industry using this tool. The tool ensures the best deliverability rates and its related information. With this tool, you do not have to worry about your mistakes while email marketing at all. Simply use this tool and it detects all the issues. You do not have to worry about the solutions too.

Final words

So, these are the best 5 email spam checker tools in 2021 according to me. All these tools perform best and are being used by the top brands. It is really important to select a tool according to your convenience and needs. 

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