It’s been an eventful few years, and the world is still learning to deal with the pandemic while dusting itself off and returning to some form of normalcy. Without a doubt, the COVID-19 outbreak has tested the limits of your business and has also shown how resilient your company can be in the face of the unexpected.

With the world beginning to return to the workplace in a post-pandemic landscape, it’s important that your business thrives under these new circumstances. When it comes to your employees, there may be some reluctance or worry in regards to coming back to the office or commuting to and from work.

It’s perfectly understandable, and as a business owner, you know that an employee who feels valued and safe is a productive employee. So, how do you ensure that you’re protecting your staff during these difficult times?

Whether it’s adhering to social distancing guidelines or looking into small business insurance for added security and peace of mind, here are the best practices to protect your employees during the pandemic.

Maintain Social Distancing 

Keep employees working at a distance whenever possible. Implement social distancing and maintain a safe distance when it comes to working spaces. If employees must sit near one another, look into setting up barriers between them to adhere to safety guidelines.

Avoid handshakes and physical contact in the office, and clearly signpost the need for your workers to keep at least six feet apart at all times.

Implement Hand Sanitation Stations 

Even with the best practices in place, it’s important for your employees to have access to hand sanitizer and other hand hygiene products.

Set specific stations around your area of work so that everyone is able to regularly sanitize themselves. A little planning now saves potential health issues down the line.

Be Vigilant with Monitoring COVID-19 Symptoms

When it comes to preventing the potential spread of COVID throughout your place of work, keeping on top of regular testing and monitoring the early signs of COVID symptoms is vital.

In order to protect your employees, be sure that they inform you immediately if they begin to display even the slightest COVID symptoms. The faster you can check and monitor those who show symptoms, the quicker you can prevent further issues across your workplace.

Working from Home When Needed

If you’re in an industry where your staff is able to stay productive and work from home while displaying symptoms, then it’s important to make them aware that this is an option.

Returning to normal business practices is an essential part of running a smooth business. But the risk of spreading infections around the office that was easily preventable through working from home is simply not worth it.

Protect Your Business and Staff with Small Business Insurance

Protecting your employees is vital, but in a much larger sense, your business is also at risk from the unexpected. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that preparation is the greatest asset a business can have.

Small business insurance protects your company from issues and injuries that can occur from everyday tasks. In order to protect your staff, your business needs to be secure and covered for when these problems occur, to save you from financial losses and further setbacks.

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