In Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Written update 14th March 2020 episode, Balraj made a wild card entry. The contestants were divided into 2 teams and performed 3 stunts. Karan’s team won all three stunts. The episode began with the dance performance of all the contestants on the song “Ye hai mera wala dance”. Then Rohit Shetty arrived with the new torture task as usual.

Commencement of the First Task

The first task was performed in partnership. Rohit Shetty then narrated the stunt of the day. The winning team of the task was supposed to get 10 points while the losing team to get zero. The two teams were Karan’s team and Tejaswini’s team. Karishma Tanna and Malishka from Tejaswini’s team went first for the task. Malishka had to lay down and over her, a bucket of cockroaches was poured and she was all seized. Karishma Tanna had to use the rod with the current for taking out the key. 

Now it was time for another team. Ada and Karan came from the second team. Karan started by pulling the key from the net. Ada Khan chose to lay down with a cockroach over her while Karan opted to sit on the chair.

Karishma and Malishka took 5 minutes to complete the task while Ada and Karan finished this task in 3 minutes 21 seconds. It was Karan and Ada who scored 10 points after completion of this task whereas Karishma and Malishka were in danger zone.

Score – Team Karan: 10 Points, Team Tejasswi: 0 Points

 A New Location for a New Task

The second task was the aeroplane task in which contestants were thrown out from a plane in the river and then had to climb on the ship. Then the contestant jumped from one ship to another and pull off the ribbon pasting it on the other side

Dharmesh from Karan’s team opted to perform the task first.  He jumped from the aeroplane and swam very fast to catch the ship on which he had to climb. Then he jumped to a different ship and collected all the ribbons from one ship and pasted on the other ship. Dharmesh completed his task very well.

Now it was a turn of another team, which was performed by Tejaswi Prakash. She was also chosen as the captain of her team. Tejaswi started the stunt and gave a long drive from the plane and started swimming. She reached towards the first ship and achieved to get on that, then jumped from one ship to another and grabbed the ribbon and successfully pasted on the other ship.

Finally, she completed the task by pasting all the ribbons. Rohit Shetty asked Karishma and Karan, who according to them performed faster? Rohit Shetty revealed that there was a difference of only 9 seconds. Dharmesh performed in less time as compared to Tejaswi. Meanwhile, Balraj Syal tried to create humour between the scenes.

Scores – Team Karan: 20 Points, Team Tejasswi: 0 Points

The third Stunt was Dynamic

Now all the contestants along with Rohit Shetty moved to the next location for performing the last task of the day. Rohit said that Karan team had scored 20 points and the Tejaswi team was still on 0 points. Karan said there was only a strong contender left in the Tejaswi’s team, Shivin Narang. 

Next stunt was all about climbing on the ladder which on the other side, had 5 yellow flags. Each flag had points and there was a red flag on the end. To get a red flag, the contestant had to climb from the top.

Rohit Shetty asked Karan whether his team member go first or Tejaswi’s team member. Karan opted not to send his team member first. So Shivin from Tejaswi team performed the task first. He said he has a phobia of height. Shivin Narang although started the stunt. He was warned not to hold the bungee and he really performed the act wisely. His hand though touched the red flag but could not get it.

Now it was a turn of Balraj Syal to perform. He started climbing on the ladders and received continuous cheering from his mates. He was but finally able to get the red flag and completed the task on the winner’s side. 

Scores – Team Karan: 30 Points, Team Tejasswi: 0 Points

The winning team: Karan’s team

The final score after today’s task was Karan’s team who had 30 points after the last task whereas Tejaswi’s team was on 0 points throughout the tasks.

 Wrapping Up

After that Balraj Syal, talking to himself holding a torch that he didn’t fear ghosts . Then hearing the scream of someone, he ran away. Maybe this was the indication of the next task in the upcoming episode.

Well, stay tuned for more updates. Till then don’t forget to watch Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 on Colors that airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.


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