India’s Best Dancer premiered on Sony Entertainment Limited on 29th February. The show is judged by the best choreographers of the industry, Terence Lewis, Geeta along with the hot and sizzling Malaika Arora. In the episode that aired on 14th March, all the performances were based on the concept of a dance-off. A number of fantastic dance-offs took place, while some more will take place tomorrow. 

Here is the written update of all the performances and the list of contestants who made it into Top-12.

India’s Best Dancer- Shiv Bist’s Amazing Performance

India’s best dancer started with the performance of Shiv Bist. His performance was appreciated by all three judges. the next solo performance was given by Vishnu KC and Soal Vichare. While Vishnu’s performance was liked by all, Terence Lewis felt that Shweta’s performance could have been a bit longer. The two further had a face-off which got them a standing ovation by the three masters. 

In between all the dance performances, Bharthi and Harsh kept the entertainment quotient high. she even flirted with Terence Lewis. 

Sadhwi, Sanjana and Rutuja, then showed their dancing skills. While Sadhwi and Rutuja got great comments from all the three judges, Terence was not happy with Sanjana’s performance. He felt a bit disconnected. 

Rutuja’s Mother Gifted a Saree to Malaika Arora

After the solo performance of the three girls, they had a face-off. Rutuja, along with Sadhwi were praised as they entered the top 12 zone. After their performance, Rujuta’s mother gifted her a Saree telling she has never seen her wearing one. 

India’s Best Dancer- Dance-Off Between Aman and Himanshi

The next contestants to have a dance-off was Aman Shah and Himanshi Gurheriya. The two gave their best solo performances. But Himanshi managed to win the hearts of the judges. While in their faceoff, both the contestants got a standing ovation from the judges. 

Lastly, Adnan gave a mesmerizing performance. And of course, you cannot forget Bharati who was continuously flirting with her husband and entertaining the audience. 

Adnan’s mother wanted to Hug Judge Geeta

After seeing her son’s performance, Adnan’s mon got a bit emotional and put forward her wish to hug Geeta. Praising her son, the latter told Adnan’s mon, that he is lovely.

Top 12 Contestants- Sadhwi and Rujuta Enter Top 12

Till now only two girls Sadhwi and Rujuta have become the top 12 contestants. It will be a surprise for the audience to see who will go into the top 12 category. So let’s wait and see what will happen in tomorrow’s episode. 

Wrapping up

Don’t forget to watch India’s Best Dancer only on Sony Entertainment Television at 8 pm every Saturday and Sunday.


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