Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Probiotics—60 Daily Time Release Pearls4.2
BioSchwartz Probiotic 40 Billion CFU4.6
Physician’s Choice Probiotics 60 Billion CFU4.8
Nutrition Essentials Acidophilus Probiotic Digestive Health Supplement4.0
Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Probiotic with Prebiotics4.7
Earth’s Pearl Probiotic & Prebiotic – for Women, Men and Kids4.5
Dr Tobias Deep Immune Probiotic - Plus Ultimate Prebiotic4.5
RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Supplement for Women4.2

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Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Probiotics—60 Daily Time Release Pearls

Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Probiotics—60 Daily Time Release Pearls

1. I’ll turn 44 this year and just started experiencing gastro complications a little less than a year ago. Symptoms have gotten progressively worse over the last six months. Over the holiday break, it punched me right in the gut – HARD (no pun intended) – and in a fit of panic, I called to schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist. In short, the earliest I could get an appointment was three weeks out.

So, I did a little Google research and – after reading numerous articles – I was steered to the use of probiotics (never heard of them before) and, being a loyal Amazon customer, ultimately decided to try this product due to price and good reviews. I’ve now been taking one of these “pearls” for two solid weeks and, in short. It has changed my life.

Unless there’s some undisclosed, long-term negative side effect that is going to send me to a miserable death, then I cannot say enough good things about the reaction my body has had to this product.

If you’re battling any heartburn, acid reflux, gas, bloating, belching, questionable-looking bowel movements, or anything else consistently disturbing the internal areas between your collar bones and private areas… then BUY THIS NOW. And keep in mind – results are not immediate. It took my system about 72 hours to adapt to and begin feeling the difference. Also, I highly recommend adjusting your diet to coincide with the use of this product. As best you can, steer clear of coffee and carbonated beverages. Cut back on energy drinks and limit foods that are high in acid and spices. You’ll feel better in two weeks. I promise.

2. I tried this product back in February, and I had to stop. It boosted my energy and helped my gut, but I started to get a chronic cough. So I decided to try several other probiotic brands. None of them gave me the energy or improved my gut the way that Hyperbiotics did. I decided to give it another try with much better results.

I think the first time I took it, my harmful bacteria was so bad that I developed a chronic cough due to the Hyperbiotics doing its job by attacking all the harmful bacteria in my gut. I had IBS for over 30 years. It was horrible; the pain and embarrassment of not knowing when it was going to occur were unbearable. Just when I thought I would have to endure a lifetime of constant pain and humiliation, I finally found a solution.

Thanks to Hyperbiotics. I now have a healthy gut, more energy, and a surprising bonus I’ve lost some weight! I only have three things to say about this product.

BioSchwartz Probiotic 40 Billion CFU

Probiotic 40 Billion CFU

1. For the better part of my life from childhood into adulthood, my gut has always been a source of anxiety when I’m out and about away from the comfort and convenience of a clean, familiar bathroom. Things most find regular and easily digestible just was not the case for me.

Something a tad too oily or a tad too spicy would result in the slightest discomfort. Throw in the fact that I’m lactose intolerant, and one can imagine the endless anxiety I would have while eating out, which ultimately took the fun and excitement out of trying new foods in new places. Anyways, enter BioSchwartz’s daily probiotic supplement.

This product is a godsend. Almost immediately after starting on these probiotics daily, I began to notice that I had little to no digestive discomfort after eating foods that previously led to problems. My lactose intolerance is pretty severe so taking additional lactase supplements is still necessary if I’m eating dairy-heavy foods, but this probiotic blend includes enough lactase enzyme to get me by the typical cheese in sandwiches/burgers and cream in coffee/tea.

I’ve been using this product for several months now and can say that I no longer feel the anxiety attached to eating digestion-compromising foods. Being able to eat with confidence has brought back the fun in my food travels. Best probiotic blend for the price, period!

2. On top of becoming lactose intolerant at 48, my bowels continued not to be happy even if no dairy was consumed or I took adequate lactase pills to counter the intolerance. Last September, at 52, I had the gall bladder taken out, and the bowels were not happy about much of anything eaten.

A nurse, the doctor, and my wife suggested I use a probiotic to make things happy inside. The ones she was using had to be kept in the fridge, and I’d always forget to take them. I came across Bio Schwartz while shopping here on Amazon. Not too expensive and didn’t need to refrigerate. Nothing much to lose, I ordered them.

Now, I had diarrhea nearly every time on the throne for several years, even if I hadn’t had anything dairy in days. I was beginning to get worried about things, you know being over 50, and I’m not a worrier at all. At just about two weeks of taking these probiotics, I started having regular bowel movements.

I continue to have regular movements even if I had dairy with my lactase pills. Did I mention that I love cheese and ice cream? It’s easy to remember to take them as I keep them on my nightstand, not in the fridge like most probiotics. For less than $20/month, I know my insides are working like they are supposed to, and that makes me very happy. My wife is comfortable as well.

Physician’s Choice Probiotics 60 Billion CFU

Physician’s Choice Probiotics 60 Billion CFU

1. So I am writing this review for two reasons. One because yes honestly I am getting a free bottle from this, but second and most important, this product did work well for me. I used to have issues with severe bloating or just an uncomfortable stomach. I work out three days a week and eat a relatively clean diet.

I’ve been wanting to try a probiotic for some time and have in the past but never stuck with it long enough to see results. I started noticing the positive effects of this product within 3-4 days. The entire time I was on it, I had significantly less bloat and abdominal pain, and just to be sure it was the probiotics helping I purposefully ran out to see if I would notice a difference. Sure enough within a couple of days, I started having some of the same abdominal issues as before.

Not as bad as before, but still worse than while I was actively taking these probiotics. So if you’ve been debating on trying some, or can’t decide what to go with, I recommend these. Easy to take, pop one every morning on an empty stomach, and you’re set. No refrigeration, no fuss, just simply easy-to-swallow pills.

2. Love these probiotics. I have many stomach issues, so my doctor said probiotics would help my stomach issues. I have IBS and delayed gastric emptying, heartburn/acid reflux, nausea, leaky gut, bloating, and many other things. I notice I feel better when I take them and less bloating, so I believe it’s helping calm my gut down.

I crave sugar all the time & snacks, so my holistic functional doctor said when you have crave sugar a lot you have yeast in your gut and all those other stomach issues. Probiotics are the only thing to help with that and an excellent clean detox diet. But she said you need to take 60-100 billion a day to help and to do it for two months.

But you should start the detox your body while also taking the probiotics. Clean protein shakes low on sugar and carbs (Premier shakes @ Costco or Sams, Chocolate is the best and add two cups of frozen spinach to it in a blender, you can’t taste. They have 1 gram of sugar. Drink 2-3 shakes a day.

Your diet needs to be low sugar, lots of vegetables and fruit, and eight glasses of water. No pop or fake sugars because they make you crave more sugar, but you can have STEVIA. Your body will thank you, and you start to feel better — less craving, less fatigue, and less bloating, headaches, etc. The probiotics are easy to swallow and have a decent taste to them!

I pass on the information I learn all this from my doctor, so I hope it helps you, I’m sharing the info. If you are fatigued, have bloating, have stomach issues, crave sugar & snacks, etc. You need a high dose of probiotics. You can get digestive enzymes. Also, it will help your stomach with digestive foods. There is a brand I love on Amazon; it starts with Zenwise.

Nutrition Essentials Acidophilus Probiotic Digestive Health Supplement

Nutrition Essentials Acidophilus Probiotic Digestive Health Supplement

1. Although I have never been diagnosed, I am relatively sure I suffer from IBS or some other digestive tract illness. Nearly every other day, I have painful gas and diarrhea or constipation. This problem always happened when I was in public. It was embarrassing and anxiety-provoking.

A friend finally suggested that I give probiotics a try. I picked this brand because it seemed to have great reviews. I’ve now been taking one tablet a day for over a month, and I feel like a different person. I know it sounds very cliche, but this stuff has changed my life. I am no longer haunted by my painful stomach issues.

I’ve also noticed a positive change in my vaginal health. I’m usually prone to yeast infections, and I haven’t had any problems or odors since taking this treatment. I’m not sure about overall immune health, but I know already the positive impacts this is having on my health and the way I feel.

WARNING: The first week was rough on my gut. I read that as your body gets used to the probiotics, you’re likely to experience intense gas and diarrhea. I almost quit taking it, but after a week – it suddenly stopped. Don’t let the initial period scare you off. Give it some time, and I’m sure you’re be impressed with how you feel.

2. After trying a couple of things to try to fix my gradually worsening stomach digestion, I came across this while browsing one day. Skeptical, I began reading reviews and doing some research on what would be able to help with my bloating and gas.

I took a chance after reading all the awesome reviews, and order it. To my surprise, I found something that helps a lot! It works, and I noticed relatively quickly. I pop one in the morning before breakfast, and throughout the day, I have no issues with being gassy like I used to.

Might not work for everyone, but if you’re like me and want something that could help, crack open that wallet, take a chance, and sweet if this makes a difference in your life like it has for me. It’s also an excellent price for the product compared to many other brands which is also a massive factor for me since I’m on a tight budget. Will be ordering another supply down the road.

3. Update: I got swayed into trying another non-refrigerated probiotic that cost twice as much as this one. Slap me upside the head and call me stupid. BAD decision. This one is the best. And no, they aren’t paying me or giving me free products (not that I would mind that!). Gut health is so super important, and the more I read and learn, the more I know I’m using the right product for me.

I have used several different brands and types of probiotics and even gone back and forth between this one and another just to be sure the results were as I felt like they were and hands down, this is the best!

A couple of key points. This probiotic does not need to be refrigerated. Most others do, and it’s not always very clearly labeled. I want to keep all my supplements together and having one in the frig is a recipe for missing it! This brand is not a capsule. It’s not an especially big pill, but it’s not a capsule if you have trouble swallowing coated pills.

It just plain works great. After a day back on Nutrition Essentials Probiotic, I was back to being regular and feeling super good again. It simply amazes me that something so simple can make you feel so much better.

Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Probiotic with Prebiotics

Vitamin Bounty Pro 50 Probiotic with Prebiotics

1. I randomly found this probiotic when searching high-rated probiotics on Amazon. I’ve had most of the IBS-C symptoms for about 12 years now or so – dairy/sugar/alcohol makes it worse, often miss having a BM, feel stiff/irritable/foggy if I don’t go, have to drink tea/lemon in the morning and relax so that I can go.

I was quite impressed as when I started taking Pro-50 over the next few days my bowel movements went from more of a watery blob to the healthier form long “sausage shape” with a light brown, sometimes greenish (from kale shakes probably) tint. Bowels seem to get more empty after BM and seem more natural to go – the feeling comes quicker and more comfortable in the morning, and I’m even able to sometimes do some work in the morning before coming home to relax and go.

I take two pills daily, usually empty stomach, but not always – one in the morning and one close to sleep time, with water. I don’t know if this is the direct cause, but taking it has correlated with better and easier BMs.

Product arrives in usually pretty shabby packaging (from the few times I’ve seen it come), but don’t worry about that – the bottle itself is nice and stable and seems to be well protected and cultures alive. I keep it in the fridge just in case, but it says that you don’t have to. I hope this helps someone.

2. Pro 50 Probiotic with prebiotics is amazing. Not only has this supplement completely readjusted my intestinal health for the better, but, has yielded healthier and glowing skin; the removal of toenail fungus; an overall sense of wellbeing in my gut; smoother and comfortable bowel movements; significantly less inflammation and pain in my body; and a clearer mind.

The active ingredients have been proven to do all of the above and more. Even clearing and diminishing breakouts and flareups of eczema. For this reason, I am excited to send a bottle to my nephew—I have no doubt that it will help him.

Thank you for offering this amazing supplement!

Note to potential buyers: if you have watched an infomercial online which describes the active ingredients in this supplement, do not pay the exorbitant amount! Rest assured that the very same quality—possibly greater—is available in this supplement!

3. My husband and I were experiencing digestive issues with nausea a part of our everyday life. We consistently followed our meals with Alka Selzer to soothe our stomachs. We are not overweight, and we make a strong effort to eat organic and healthy, but this wasn’t enough.

After extensive research, we went in search of a Probiotic to introduce positive bacteria to replace the Alka seltzer for a more healthy and natural solution. After trying several Probiotics, we almost gave up.

Then we discovered PRO-50 was TIME RELEASED to deliver the proper dosage, it was packaged in a GLASS BOTTLE which preserves the potency, and the SOFT GEL capsules are easily digested. All these things are necessary to absorb the supplement.

After two days of taking PRO-50, we were shocked by the beautiful results. We never imagined we would ever feel this good again and especially so quickly. Our digestive issues were gone. No more Alka Seltzer, no more constant nausea.

We will never be without PRO-50. It is the best thing we ever did for our health, and it was so easy. Everyone should know how powerful this supplement is and how it can allow you to enjoy life every single day. Thank you Vitamin Bounty for making it possible to enjoy life again!

4. PRO-25 by Vitamin Bounty satisfied my requirement for the 3 “Must Haves” in a probiotic: essential strains, time-release, prebiotic. I have been using probiotics for several years now at the suggestion of my doctor. There is clear and verifiable evidence that a healthy digestive system contributes to the proper functioning of the body.

I suggest to anyone interested in probiotics to begin their reading at the NIH website. I use PRO-25 because it contains B-lactis, L-rhamnosus, L-bulgaricus, and Saccharomyces Boulardii. These strains are essential for a well-balanced, healthy “gut” and are difficult to find in one product.

PRO-25 provides these strains in a timed-release capsule that ensures that most of these strains reach the stomach and bloodstream without being destroyed or diminished by stomach acids. PRO-25 also contains fermenting ingredients, “pre-biotics,” that feed the probiotic strains in the stomach to help keep them alive and growing. I highly recommend PRO-25 by Vitamin Bounty.

Earth’s Pearl Probiotic & Prebiotic – for Women, Men, and Kids

Earth’s Pearl Probiotic & Prebiotic – for Women, Men and Kids

1. These probiotic/prebiotic pearls are so simple to take. Tiny, no taste, & they come in an easy-open bottle, not those annoying punch out pill trays, which is important if you have any issues with your hands. I was always losing the previous probiotic I was taking & had to search for it because they were so small they were difficult to see as well.

Earth Pearls do precisely what you expect from this type of product. I think Earth’s Pearls are doing a better job. I had problems with bloating due to having to be on numerous antibiotics this year, & I’ve noticed that the bloating problem has disappeared since I’ve been taking Earth’s Pearls. I highly recommend the product & the company. The customer service received from this family-owned business is outstanding & a rarity these days. I highly recommend that you give this product & this company a try!

2. Have been taking one pill per day for a week now (at dinner time), and the results are very acceptable. Regular elimination. I purchased two bottles (60 tabs), so I will have a better take after say 30-60 days of use I would imagine. Hope to lose a pound or two also.

If all continues to go well, I may be interested in the continued use of this product in my daily dietary supplement schedule (I hope there is a unique purchase plan for additional purchases). I read some of the Amazon reviews before purchasing, and I would also add to the other 5 star ratings thus far after one week.

3. We’ve been taking this probiotic for about three weeks and have already noticed significant changes in how we feel. We’ve recently changed to a plant-based diet and found that the additional fiber and roughage were causing us to feel bloated and gassy.

After researching the issue, we found that a lack of probiotics and prebiotics can often cause bloat and gas. We chose this product because it has both pre and probiotics in it and is all-natural. Within a few days, we both started to notice the bloated feeling go away, and at this point, we can eat vegetables and beans all day without any intestinal discomfort. I highly recommend this product, and it’s a family-run business which is always a bonus to support.

4. This is an excellent probiotic! I have only taken it for one week now and have already noticed a difference. I have suffered from IBS for years and also had an overgrowth of yeast due to several rounds of antibiotics recently for an intestinal infection.

This product seems to be getting my body back to normal. I only take one a day and have had no issues with stomach cramping or upset. My stomach is less bloated, thrush is gone, and I feel much better. I will continue to take these, especially since they do not irritate my already sensitive stomach.

5. I started taking this product 15 months ago and can tell you it works for me! It works so well that now I only need to take one every few days, otherwise for me, being a small woman, it would work too well! I like that the pills are small, and this was the main reason I bought them, to begin with. I do wish, however, that the pills were smoother or coated because they still stick in my throat at times. But they are such an improvement over the large pills I have tried in the past, and they work well so that I will stick with Earth’s Pearls.

Dr Tobias Deep Immune Probiotic – Plus Ultimate Prebiotic

Dr Tobias Deep Immune Probiotic - Plus Ultimate Prebiotic

1. Because each person’s gut microbiome is unique (think iris or fingerprint), an off-the-shelf probiotic supplement is not guaranteed to produce the expected results. The supplement’s mechanism for deployment and the timing of intake also affect effectiveness.

Due to a dental issue, I had been on progressively stronger antibiotic protocols. The third such, Clindamycin, resulted in Bristol 7 movements halfway through the course despite complementary probiotic intake (i.e., Clindamycin in the morning and probiotic supplementation in the afternoon). Only after three weeks with probiotic supplementation did my stool return to Bristol 4. However, over the next four months, the visual appearance of my stools remained noticeably different than before the antibiotics. The best way to describe it is to say that it looked 75% processed. I couldn’t tell if that 25% was important because I wasn’t losing weight, nor did I suffer from loss of energy or mental acuity.

After much research, I decided to try Deep Immune. My first two intakes were at a one-quarter dose (one a day every two days) because I wanted to proceed conservatively. To my surprise, the morning after my second such dose, the appearance of my stools had returned to what I considered “fully processed.” I was surprised by how quickly DI became effective and also because DI’s 4.4B microbe count was significantly more effective than my normal supplement’s 100B. This seems analogous to expecting that a camera with a higher pixel count will produce better quality stills/video than one with fewer, without considering the sensor quality of each.

I wondered about the optimal timing for taking DI, so I asked the company. A representative responded with: “We recommend taking the Deep Immune Probiotics at around the same time every day and alongside a meal is preferred to taking without food. Lunch or dinnertime would be good meals to take them with. You can take both capsules at the same time. It doesn’t matter all that much if you take them before, during, or after the meal, just try not to take them on an empty stomach. Therefore, if you take them before the meal, make sure you are eating soon after. Taking them with food helps stimulate digestion and encourages your body to receive the ingredients better.”

2. I rarely write reviews, yet won’t buy a product without endless, exhaustive, review reading, and wondering how sincere they are. Reviews influence my purchases. I’m embarrassed to write this one, but for that very reason feel it just might help someone else with this issue. It doesn’t seem to be very common since I’ve searched reviews trying to find a solution and found little feedback.

I try to be very disciplined and eat healthy vegtables, fruit, nuts, seeds, etc..however literally everything healthy gives me embarrassing flatulence. I have tirelessly researched and tried everything I know to get control, other enzymes, charcoal, and all the over-the-counter gas relief products.

Even my GP says not much help is available, and since it is not life-threatening, little research is done. Determined to find a solution, I tried Dr. Tobias Deep Immune Probiotic paired with his Digest PB Enzymes. I’ve only been taking a little over 15 days. I’m re-introducing some vegetables with some success, better success than I’ve had with anything else. I would say, perhaps 35%. Not a huge percentage BUT an improvement!

Glad to get whatever relief I can. I’m hoping, with more use, I will get a higher percentage. I do not have any other digestive symptoms like bloating, indigestion, reflux or pain, and you could set your clock to my regularity, just so embarrassing Flatulence. I never had this problem until several years after menopause. I’m very active, exercise daily, maintain a good weight, and only on thyroid meds.

I understand some people might find this humorous, but this issue is so embarrassing it is affecting my social life. FYI, I did go Dr. Tobias web site for a free bottle (only available after purchase and 15 days of use) it appears I was successful and look forward to receiving it. Dr. Tobias wants feedback. I appreciate that and feel it is essential to the development and or improvement of his products plus what a mutually satisfying way to guarantee it.

I have been uncomfortably explicit in a truthful, sincere effort to help anyone else with this issue. I just ordered another bottle and feel sure I will continue to use. The price is reasonable, no refrigeration is handy, and I’m hopeful for consistent improvement.

Add on three weeks later: I am thrilled with this product! I would say 75% improvement for my original concern and bonus improvements I had not even anticipated, like more energy! I was unaware of other issues going on that this product addressed. Also, I encourage you to apply for the free bottle. I just received mine today. It is a legitimate offer, only requesting sincere feedback and an opportunity for them to send you promotional offers and information, which you can unsubscribe at any time. So worth it.

RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Supplement for Women

RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Supplement for Women

1. Within the last couple of years, I’ve been experiencing BV symptoms, and it’s been a nightmare because years ago, I had a weird case of a genital outbreak (typically caused by HSV-2 but mine was caused by HSV-1). Since then I’ve had infrequent / less severe outbreaks to pretty much none at all. However, my BV symptoms seem to be stronger than ever.

I’d say within the last year; it’s been at its worse where I noticed a drastic change in my pH balance and the odor has been so embarrassing to live with, especially since I have a very active sex life with my partner of nearly three years. I’ve been wearing panty-liners every day to absorb discharge, which for me isn’t white/clumpy but is more so yellow, even when I feel like I’ve showered thoroughly.

I considered seeing the OB/GYN until I came across reviews for this product. After taking the first bottle, I told my boyfriend about it, and he mentioned he noticed a difference and was wondering what had changed! At that point, I knew it must have been working because I stopped taking it during my period and the week after thinking I’d have unfavorable odors anyway and wanted to save those pills since it’s yet another expense each month.

He reported back that he had noticed that the odor came back, so I’ve just purchased my second bottle because I’m convinced this is the product that is finally allowing me to feel comfortable with my body and sex life.

2. I Love this product. I like other females who gave ratings and posted comments, had constant issues with BV and yeast. I’m married and have been embarrassed to the point of no relations for weeks. So I started washing my intimate area with a product called levamisole and taking this pill daily or every other day.

I have an intimate area that doesn’t allow me to do sit in baths, swim, or douche without severe consequences. The fishy smell will pop up then wearing panty liners all the time, fearing someone else would smell me. This has gone on my whole adult life, including taking precautions of making my Husband wash with antibacterial soap before intimacy.

With the pill, no more smells then I started using the feminine wash, and went to the Dr., because my Husband brought up there was no smell at all, just nothing, not even during long periods of intimacy. Me think all females have somewhat of an order, not wrong, just something, or discharge which means something is wrong. Gyno. Stated that there were no issues; my pH was perfectly balanced. There’s not even that after cycle smell. I’m in Love with this product!

3. There was a thread on Twitter where people were talking about feminine hygiene, and I saw somebody talk about it and how that product had changed her life. I decided to give it a try. I swear having an imbalance down there can be embarrassing.

I swear to God I was embarrassed to wear leggings, embarrassed to stand up in the middle of a crowd, and just overall insecure. The fishy smell was a real problem, I showered consistently, but nothing was working. But now, I can spend two to three days without showering and the smell down. There is not overwhelming, it’s pretty standard (I had to experiment).

I’ve been using it for the last 30 days, and today I’m taking my last pill, and I’m ready to reorder. This thing is a lifesaver. I don’t know what’s going to happen if I stop taking them and I don’t want to find out. I am enjoying life right now, and I don’t want it to end.

I stayed a virgin for 24 years because I was insecure that I would never be able to have non-embarrassing intimate relations because of the consistent smell down there, and now I’m pretty much odor-free. I feel like I can explore with my sexuality now, and I’m pretty happy about it. I can also now wear clothes made with light materials, leggings, short dresses, shorts, skirts, etc., Give it a try.

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