After the big two-hour episodes of Criminal Minds season, 15 premiered last week it was expected that the next episode 3 is going to be more fun. The previous two episodes dealt with more of the interpersonal storylines of the show rather than a lot of crime. Whereas the next episode focused on the dangerous UnSub. In the Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3, The BAU took a break from chasing the Chameleon who wanted to figure out the motivation of an oddball bomber. And the most important development that was seen in episode 3 was the return of J.J, after when she was shot by Grace Lynch on Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 1.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3 Recap- “Spectator Slowing”

The episode starts with Rhonda Kirkman, who unwraps a package that had a book inside it which got exploded, but she and her daughter Sophia fortunately survived. Meanwhile, J.J. returned to work after being recovered from being shot. The BAU was called into action to investigate a series of bombings in Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The unsub is unusual because he had hand-delivered the bombs but without revealing any ideology.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3 Review- Bomb Explosion

Simmons, who has been working from home, declared the bomb assembly was identical in all three blasts, with the bombs detonated remotely. The unsub took photos of the package being picked up and of its explosion and sends funeral notices to the victims’ families. Meanwhile he sets off another bomb in Tennessee.

Further, it was witnessed that Reid has the Kirkmans look at photos of the other victims’ family members where three of them had been on a cruise with the parents. The unsub, carrying a gift, had a talk with Mrs. Kirkman at the hospital and he dropped off the gift in Sophia’s room which was a decoy.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3 Written Update

Rossi then conducted a cognitive evaluation of Rhonda’s father. Whereas the unsub pretending to be Rhonda’s doctor called her mother telling her to visit the hospital. The unsub is after the mother, who had accidentally stepped on his floral tribute to his father while taking a picture. Garcia identifies the unsub as Shelby Mattson, who takes the mother to Rhonda’s home.

Finally, the BAU arrived after having set the bomb on the mother’s lap. He threatened to release the trigger for which Prentiss told him to go ahead. JJ then shoots Shelby when he ran with his keychain, not the trigger.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4 Spoilers

In the next episode, one can see that some of the BAU team will still be together while some other will be apart. The members of the BAU will be seen enjoying a Saturday off in a vastly different manner. On one hand, Rossi and Prentiss are going to help Simmons in assembling a new crib while Garcia will lead a hacking competition.

The nest episode will also give you a chance to see Rachel Leigh Cook in an important guest role. Well, will see be someone helping Spencer get some personal happiness away from the job?

Wrapping Up!

So what secret does Cook holds? To know more do not forget to watch Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 4 on Wednesday, Jan. 22 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.



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