The Good Doctor Season 3 returned with the eleventh episode titled “Fractured” on ABC. The show’s winter premiere focused on a lot of heartfelt stuff as Dr. Shaun faces intimacy issues with Lea while being in a relationship with Carly. The intertwining of the professional and personal lives of the characters totally brings the thrill everyone was expecting.

The next episode titled “Mutations” will be airing on 20th January on ABC, and it’s going to be a lot more fun.  Here is a little sneak peek into the upcoming episode.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 11- Fractured Recap

Shaun has a lot in his hands, as he deals with the grief of his father’s death and also with the effect on his relationship with Carly as his intimacy with Lea increases. Further, the doctor and his team operate a patient who is reluctant to take all anesthesia during surgery for the fright of relapsing. However, you can observe Dr. Shaun and his extraordinary medical expertise at the surgical unit of St. Bonaventure Hospital. As the show returns in 2020, the friendship will deepen, and our loving doctor will enter the world of dating and will be working even harder for this than his professional level.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 11 Written Update

In the episode titled “Fractured”, Claire and Park treat a man named Luca, who gets into drug smuggling due to hard times. The two doctors, however, clash with each other on turning their patients into the police as they feel sympathetic to him and his circumstances. Later, Park’s suspicion about Luca is proved right as he flees the hospital along with the drugs that were recovered from him by the hospital.

In the meantime, Kerry is treated by Shaun and Morgan. The patient who has a badly broken leg seems to be an opioid addict and so refuses any painkillers and anesthesia. And so the team performs the operation as she is conscious and endures the pain.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 11- Shaun’s Intimate Encounter with Lea

The first half of the season showed the intimacy problems between Shaun and Carly. However, with the death of his father, he shares an intimate hug with Lea that kind of calms him down.  In the episode, Shaun spends a night with Lea, which leaves him puzzled about his feelings for both the girls.

The Glassman has an emotional breakdown as he comforts Shaun of ending up alone. However later Shaun confesses the truth to Carly, who understands him and thanks him for being honest. She further asks him to make a decision and stop meeting Lea if he wants to take their relationship ahead.

Shaun agrees to Carly’s suggestion and even expresses his love for her.

The Good Doctor Episode 12- Shaun Turns to Cry for Help

In the next episode titled “Mutations,” you will get to see the best of Dr. Carly as she will get involved in the medical department. Apart from the intimate challenges she is facing with Dr. Shaun, this episode will be challenging for her on the professional front as well. So Dr. Shaun Murphy, along with Dr. Audrey Lim and Dr. Morgan Reznick will be treating the severe swelling of a 25-year old runner. But as the situation will worsen, Dr. Shaun will turn to Dr. Carly for help.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 12- “Mutations” Spoilers

Shaun spends a night with Lea and then confronts it to Carly. After all this, emotional aftermath is expected. Shaun is definitely having a hard time understanding his feelings, as he feels naturally for Lea and has expressed his love for Dr. Carly as well. However, in The Good Doctor’s upcoming episode, the two will be working towards intimacy. Also, two 16-year old patients suffering from cancer, and love interest of each other will be treated by Dr. Claire Brown, Dr. Alex Park, and Dr. Neil Melendez.

Wrapping Up

The Good Doctor is back after the mid-season break and has definitely engaged its audience with the premiere episode. So if you are unable to catch up with the show, stay tuned for all the written updates and spoilers for the upcoming episodes.       

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