Jai Mummy Di is another rom-com or I should say a mom-com starring the Pyaar Ka Punchnama fame duo Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall. The film which is releasing on 17th January 2020 is directed by Navjyot Gulati, who is making his directorial debut with a movie that seems to have a promising premise. But is it enough? Here is the Jai Mummy Di movie review that you should read before planning to visit the theatres.

Jai Mummy Di Movie Plot

The movie Jai Mummy Di is narrated from the perspective of Puneet and Saanjh, two young lovers, who have no right of making their decisions and are in no charge of their life. This is because their destiny is dictated by their mothers. Yes, there is matriarchal domination within the two neighboring families, the Bhallas and the Khannas residing in a Delhi locality. As the two families are in conflict with each other, their children fall in love.

And so what follows is romance, comedy and some high-end drama as the two mothers take on each other. The story is all about overcoming the hurdle of an old unsettled score between the two mothers coming in between the love of our high school sweethearts.

Jai Mummy Di Movie Review

Jai Mummy Di is a light-hearted family drama that falls straight on the head in terms of story, writing, music and even the performance by the lead actors. Even though the director Navjot Gulati tries to get the setting and environment of middle-class living right into the Delhi metropolis but this charm goes off quickly. The writing and story could have been much better, as the climax which reveals the reason behind the movie only falls short. There could have been a better plot for sure.

There are no real punches, and even the jokes fell flat. The long-enduring rivalry and conflict between the two families also have no strength. As a result of all these shortcomings, the pace of the film also slows down. The movie doesn’t have a solid script to stand on, and so even the characters and their melodrama is going wasted.

Jai Mummy Di Movie- Cast Performance Review

Coming to the cast, the lead actors of the film are quite likable but however their characters aren’t.  Sonnalli is playing the character of Saanjh, an arrogant and agile engineering student who repeatedly claims to be the best and boasts of her grandiosity. Then there is the cute and adorable Sunny Singh, who plays the role of Puneet aka Punnu, the boyfriend. He behaves indecisively throughout, and it seems that he needs to learn to take a stand for his love or in life.

Chemistry seems to be missing between the two they even lack the general magnetism. No sparks of love, nothing. The film also stars two great, veteran actresses of the Industry, Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon who play the character of two loud Punjabi mothers. Their characters are nothing but two obnoxious cranky women with splashy clothes and screechy characters. They are the best part of the film, but unfortunately, even they couldn’t save the film.

Jai Mummy Di Movie Review- Music and Songs

The film is less of a rom-com and more of a musical. It contains some of the best song anthems like Mummy Nu Pasand and Lamborghini by Neha Kakkar and Jassie Gill. But songs and music cannot make or save a film. Even though these remakes of songs are not in power with the original they still try to entertain the audience and keep them engaged.


The movie works only to some degree due to its music and the loud and full of energy aunties and their glam world. Apart from that the rest of the film is a forgettable and bland rom-com.


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