Tradesmen tend to have a reputation for proving quotes on scraps of paper, a lack of punctuality or job delays. Amazingly, technology has come to the rescue. Apps are now changing trades industries, incentivizing and organizing everyone from a local handyman to cellar tanking experts. Whether you work in the industry or are simply just curious about what could make the next job at your property, easier, keep reading.


CheckATrade is a well-renowned app or tradesman website, available for those working in the industry as well as their customers. This platform was designed to be the ‘trip advisor’ solution for tradespeople in your local area. Customers can source local people for jobs at their home or workplace and then leave reviews, which is visible to future prospective customers. In fact, CheckATrade began two decades ago, but the impacts on the industry are really coming into full swing, with customers and reputable businesses reaping the benefits.

CheckATrade has had a revolutionary impact on the industry because reviews are authentic and all in one place. This means they are accessible to everyone, and we no longer rely on ‘word of mouth’ ratings. This platform has forced tradespeople to raise the standards of their work because of the reviewing culture. Moreover, the platform was developed to tackle ‘rogue tradesmen’ who have been misquoting or providing shoddy workmanship to customers.

The platform’s best feature is that it verifies a company’s credentials and insurances. It also allows customers to ensure they are getting value for money, professional quotes, and quality service. Tradespeople across all industries are rated on their punctuality, tidiness, quality of work, duration of works and overall performance.


Fixington is an app designed for independent or very small businesses, working in the trades. Without an office providing detailed job sheets and quotes, it can be hard to keep track of payments, dates for jobs and so on.

Fixington is an ideal solution. The app works as a simple calendar, for Tradespeople to enter all their jobs. Essentially, it’s a simplified version of a project management system. It takes all the estimating out of providing realistic time frames for jobs when visiting with customers, which is becoming increasingly popular since CheckATrade and other rating apps have come into common use. Furthermore, the Fixington app can also help keep track of invoices, prompting chased payments at an appropriate time. The app is integrated with messaging apps so that invoices can be sent through iMessage and other alternatives, minimizing the need for paperwork.

SmartTrade App

The SmartTrade app has also changed the industry, regardless of the nook you work in. In the past, builders, plumbers, tree surgeons and everyone else was paid in cash, via cheque or bank transfers. This app means that you can take contactless payments through your smartphone, without a point of sales device. You can also scan debit and credit cards using the camera on the phone, providing flexibility and payment options for your customers.

For small jobs or surveys, this is ideal! Yet the biggest impact could be for cash flow. With cash or cheques that can take several days to clear into an account, the cash flow required to purchase materials for the next job can run dry. This app provides customer convenience and helps to keep your business ticking over.

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